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GH4 Noise at 1600?

The Coach gives you a few T&T (Tips & Tricks) on preprocessing to help you spend less time in post! First rate pro shooter Frank Doninno asks Coach Crockett if what he’s seeing on family portraits at ISO1600 is noise and how best to handle it. Will Crockett disagrees with the notion that the GH3 […]

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Choosing Between DSLR and Mirrorless

If you were shooting primarily hybrid client jobs and delivering eProducts to customers would you use dSLR or a pro mirrorless – and which ones?Recently a handful of the Hybrid Heroes got together in Chicago to discuss how to become more profitable in hybrid photography and the topic of cameras came up. Joining in on […]

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Using a Slide

Using a slide adds depth to your video clips. Different than a pan which changes your angle of view, a slide changes your point of view. By having a foreground, mid and background, it creates depth by seeing the different elements move at a different rate. Don’t have the budget for a slide? You can […]

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Custom Camera Settings

When I photograph a portrait or event, I like to concentrate on what’s in front of the camera and not the camera itself. It’s so easy to get lost in the menus and miss the moment, so in order to maintain my focus (pun intended :)), I like to take care of all the technical […]

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Migration to Mirrorless: Lightroom for Video Editing
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Migration to Mirrorless: Lightroom for Video Editing

Along with lighter, less expensive and more modern feature rich technology, I got video with my mirrorless system. The implications are many and among them is what software tool to use to do my editing. I strive for my editing to consist of only a few things: trimming (start and end points), frame grabs, and […]

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Restaurant eCard Progress

After a great meeting with a client who wants to buy the Restaurant eCard we are developing, we have some new info to share. It looks like the entire management team there as well as the servers are excited to see the finished product and get started. This order includes the video eCard placed into […]

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Coaching, Creating, and Trimming Video Clips for eProducts

Suzette Allen has a great workflow for shooting Hybrid Photography. In this segment from her nearly hour long instructional video “Hybrid Profit Basics”, you see how she starts with her own vision of what the “moving photo” will look like then she coaches the subject on what to do – then shoots it. Next, she […]

Migration to Mirrorless: Shhhhhhh
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Migration to Mirrorless: Shhhhhhh

My first 3 posts were all tied to my past and the changes that have happened over the last years to get me where I am today as a mirrorless shooter. This post is about something that I’m in the process of learning right now. I’m in the midst of processing a large tournament. My […]

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How to Start Shooting Video for Photographers

Hybrid photography is here and one of the world’s leading voices in how to add profitable hybrid “eProducts” to your still photo portrait business is Suzette Allen. In this segment of her first hybrid video available as a stream on or on DVD at, this gifted photographer shares how to get started shooting […]

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Great Progress on the New eCard for Restaurants

After months of hard work, it looks like we are only a few weeks away from a brand new way for hybrid photographers to make money with the Restaurant eCard under development by Coach Crockett and Dan Foster. In this post, you’ll see how Will thinks the photos and video should be assembled, uploaded to […]

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