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New eTemplate Feature for Pocket Portrait Kit

We are getting super excited for the Creative live event coming soon on May 1.    We want you as part of our Hybrid audience to participate as much as possible.  One success story we would like to feature is the Pocket Portrait which we work with daily in our Chicago portrait studio.   Check out this […]

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6.5 Tips on How to Sell eCardPRO and other eProducts

 Will Crockett has blazed the trail of how to start selling eProducts and how to set up your studio to create great lighting and audio.   We have explored camera makers and what the latest mirrorless cameras have to offer to provide the best solution to not only great quality but the ability to be profitable […]

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Q: How do you move a customer thru an eCardPRO shooting session?

Over at HauserTown Studios in downtown Chicago, Will Crockett has been developing a first class Hybrid Studio to serve both Portrait and Commercial Clients.  The main goal in servicing Commercial clients is to create an efficient workflow.  We begin by first introducing them to our webpages and galleries which we provide for client’s use.   A key piece within the […]

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Q: What Skills Do I need for Shooting Pro Hybrid Files?

Hybrid photography sells. We are selling the eCardPRO eProduct now, developing another eProduct for restaurants, and we project that 2/3 of our studio’s growth in 2014 will be in the form of hybrid eProducts while we also project another 11% decrease in printed photo sales.  Our studio and support team are all setup for shooting […]

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Q: Why Do I Need to Shoot “TEMPLATE-IZED”?

I want to just explain how easy Hybrid Photography can be using eTemplates. No need to edit or add time to your workflow when eTemplates are so easy to use…you just fill them up.

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Q: What is an eProduct?

At some point in the not-too-distant future, professional photographers will be making to majority of their profits by selling hybrid photography eProducts instead of prints and printed products.  These eProducts will need to be created and shown and sold and shared as easily and as profitably as possible.  Here’s where photo technology developers (Hybrid Photography […]

Q: What are Marlene’s 3 Essential Ingredients for Successful eProducts?

For great looking, easy to make and edit eProducts, you need to get everything right “in camera”. To shoot video you need to let go of the attitude that many inexperienced raw shooters take – the shoot-loose, auto-everything, fix-it-in-Lightroom mentality. What is an eProduct? To quote my colleague Will Crockett, “An eProduct is a blend […]

eTemplates…The Great Hybrid Time Saver

I have been working on a template and they are the hybrid time saver. Here’s the idea with hybrid, we put together stills, video, audio, and some graphics. The question is how to be efficient, so Will Crockett and Movoir came up with this idea of eTemplate, 45 seconds, that’s what we get, and the […]

Dear Larson Softboxes…An Idea From a Fan

Dear Larson Softboxes.  I need help! I have pieced together a few light modifiers for my LEDs to use to make kinda high quality “talking portraits” like this video. I finally have the light quality where I want it, now I need to take it on the road. Can you help make a set of […]

Talking Portrait Lighting Using a SPLIT GEL FILL for Warm Skin Tone and Neutral White Shirts Too.

Talking Portraiture lighting for executives can be tricky, but the simple and powerful Split Gel Fill tip that I use keeps a white business shirt white and yet still leaves my signature “warm” skin tone look on the face. Does it mean some wacky post processing trick to the huge video files?  Some sort of […]

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