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Marketing Your eCardPRO a Few T&T
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Marketing Your eCardPRO a Few T&T

For several months now I have been marketing the eCardPRO and wanted to share with you a few tips and tricks (T&T) that I have learned.    Always Have a Sample on Your Smartphone — when I talk to other business professionals the conversation usually always goes back to what kind of photography I do. […]

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How I Sell eCardPRO to Real Estate Agents

One of the best parts of being Coach Will Crockett is getting to know the photographers he meets travelling around the country.  Last year while working on a project for Fuji, Will and Luis spent a weekend at Lakeside Camera in Metaire, LA, and offered a mini seminar.  Ken is from New Orleans and heard last […]

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Q: How do you really USE an eCardPRO eProduct?

It’s LOUIE!   Will Crockett and Louie Malagon (Will’s 20 year old sidekick and all around guru of everything Crockettville)  sit down and demonstrate the eCardPro, which happens to be the best selling eProduct in the country.   The eCardPro is the replacement to the printed business card.  Ask anyone in sales today and they are looking […]

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How Do You Know Which Gels to Use to Balance Mixed Lighting?

I’ve had a lot of e-mails through the LinkedIn group lately on how I balance my lighting to ambient lighting and other lights in my setup. Over the past 6 months I’ve learned a lot about continuous lighting sources and one thing that has become clear from the beginning is each brand and type of […]

Q: What Lighting Gear Do You Take on Location?

I’ve talked a lot about LED Lighting so far, but I wanted to share a little bit about what I take with me when I’m going on location.  For a typical hybrid photo shoot like the eCardPro or one of my editorial still photoshoots I have been taking a couple of the Larger Dracast LED […]

Q: How Do I Market My Hybrid Photography To Clients?

Now that you know how to create fabulous Hybrid Photos how would you go about marketing it to potential clients? There are many ways to market your hybrid photography that is cost effective. I touch on only a few but helpful ways that you can go about marketing your hybrid eProduct.   You can add […]

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Change the Speed of Your Video Clips

In this vlog post I’m going to demonstrate how when you change the frame rate of your video clips, you can add emotion to your hybrid eProducts. When you change your frame rate or clip speed you can do it in camera or in editing. In this video I changed the frame rate in the […]

The Big Reveal: What Mirrorless System Did I Choose?

I am a Portrait & Wedding photographer and wanted to choose a mirrorless system for my pro work, but what system was right for me? Size, weight, lenses, price, quality and sharpness were all requirements that HAD to meet MY standards before I would change to a mirrorless sytem. So…now the big reveal! Drum roll […]

Photo “flavor” for video is easier than you think. Talking Portraiture with Style.

Your portraiture has it’s own lighting style, signature color look, and overall flavor that’s all yours. You may have taken years to perfect it. Now that you are preparing for shooting “Talking Portraits” using video mode, your look needs to go with you! In this vlog post I want to show you how to use […]

Premium Profits from the Easy eCardPRO Hybrid eProduct

Here’s a little update on our latest Hybrid project, the eCardPRO Talking Business Card. In an era where just about everyone is carrying around a smartphone or tablet device, and everyone else is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., we believe the eCardPRO will be the replacement for the traditional printed business card.  You know, the […]

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