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Creating eProducts For Selling Items Online

After migrating Hybrid Photography into what I am already doing it got me to thinking.  As Hybrid Photographers we need to find more ways to incorporate Hybrid eProducts into what we are already shooting.  I know I do a lot of different things that aren’t my professional clientele.   So I’ve decided to bring an […]

Wireless PRO Flash for Mirrorless Cameras

Pro photographers and serious non-pros need a TTL flash solution for the Lumix GH3. Although there are some good / ok speedlite flashes available for it and the GH2 and G5, none have the big power, fast recycle time, nor the radio-based triggering system needed for using flash outdoors…until now. The top of the line […]

Hybrid Photography: Street Portraits

Street photography is a fun way to shoot and share the environment around you. Taking your camera with you everywhere you go is a great idea since you’ll never know what or who you’ll find. Since I specialize in portraits I love to capture people in my street photography. Miami being my home, I’m always […]

Myth Busted: Do You Have To Use a Shutter Speed that’s 2x Framerate for Video? Not So Fast…

Boy oh boy do we get some great questions here on DiscoverMirrorless, and one of the latest questions tackles one of the biggest myths there is about shooting video. One of our readers named Mike asked about one of the common “rules” you hear floating around the interwebs.  You know, the one that says that […]

Video Primer Based on GH3 Menu – What Better Way to “Get the Concepts”

MarkToal, Hybrid Hero and expert on the GH3 describes what each of the menu items on the GH3′s Movie Recording menu are, what they do and the implications. What started as a menu tour became a video primer! Learn with me about recording modes, recording settings, wind cut, automated shooting modes and so much more! […]

Setup Your Digital Camera Like a BOSS

The Lumix G5 may the little brother of the GH3 but with the tips in this video you can take you G5 from a little bro to a BOSS. If you put in the time to get to know your camera, experiment with the settings, and shoot you’ll get the most from your camera. When […]

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The Micro Four Thirds Camera Bag Challenge

After receiving my new Panasonic Lumix G5 last week I found myself in quite a dilemma. I did not have a bag that fit it. The current LowePro Edit 110 I was using for my GF3 was not big enough, and my other bags were too big. Watch as I continue my migration to mirrorless and […]

Customize Your Camera for Hybrid Photography

Customizing your camera for hybrid photography means you’re able to move between stills and video with ease. Regardless if you’re using your cameras EVF or touch screen having your camera customized for hybrid means you’l be able to – Shoot quick Shoot well Have fun Check out the video to see how I used the […]

Getting It Right In Camera Is Easy

Talk to any photographer long enough and the topic of getting the image right in camera will come up. What does it mean to get it right in camera and how do you do it? Getting the image right in camera can seem challenging but it does not have to be. First let me define […]

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Another Pro Moving to Mirrorless

I’d like to introduce myself as the newest Hybrid Hero.  My name is Steven Lynch and I’m an Editorial, Lifestyle, and Creative Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles.   With many professional photographers starting to look at mirrorless cameras more seriously now, I ask myself the question.   “Do I need that heavy dSLR anymore?  Would a […]

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