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New Hybrid101 Episode: AUDIO for Photographers

Join us Thursday March 27 at 7:30pm CT for a free live stream of this 45 minute program as it is recorded for thePHOTOchannel.pro. Hybrid Heroes RobbyD and Will Crockett share the options and solutions in recording sync speech in their “Talking Portrait” client shoots using on-camera, off-camera audio back into the camera as well […]

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Q: How Do I Sell an eProduct to a Business Owner?

Here is the process on how to gather the Five Key Points to create an eProduct that will not only sell to the business owner, but produce the desired results.  Happy customers buy more photo products than unhappy ones. : )

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Q: What is the Best Hybrid Continuous Lighting?

That is a great question and we want to help you. Right now we are in the process of producing open and honest reviews to HELP YOU chose the best Hybrid Lighting available for your dollars. These are not paid ads, but good research on the lighting that we like and would recommend to our […]

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Change the Speed of Your Video Clips

In this vlog post I’m going to demonstrate how when you change the frame rate of your video clips, you can add emotion to your hybrid eProducts. When you change your frame rate or clip speed you can do it in camera or in editing. In this video I changed the frame rate in the […]

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Q: How to Get it Right in the Camera?

I want to get the best image or video possible right from my camera. This not only saves time in post processing, but gets my images/video ready for my Blog, Facebook page, or my customer as quickly as possible. This month’s video shows how to set the color settings built into your camera. Save time […]

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Q: What is an eTemplate?

Let’s make eProducts as profitable as possible by removing the hours of custom video editing needed to blend photos and video and audio at a professional level.  By taking advantage of today’s autoediting processes, the Hybrid Heroes Talent Team and I are creating eTemplates that command the editing process automatically. Easy, fast and actually fun […]

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Q: What is Hybrid Photography?

Let me help you with this question…I am the creator of Hybrid Photography as we know it today and is the “Coach” of the Hybrid Heroes Talent Team, the Captain of the Fujifilm Elite Imaging Talent Team, and the developer of hybrid photo training for Panasonics Lumix Luminary Talent Team. In this video, I want […]

Q: How can I get better Audio for my DSLR and Mirrorless camera video clips?

Here is a tip for better Audio with Mirrorless Cameras and DSLRs shooting video. I am not an audio expert by any means but, since most of my posts have been on lighting, I wanted to talk a little about audio. By adding a six or eight foot headphone extension cord (mini plug to mini plug) […]

Q: What are Marlene’s 3 Essential Ingredients for Successful eProducts?

For great looking, easy to make and edit eProducts, you need to get everything right “in camera”. To shoot video you need to let go of the attitude that many inexperienced raw shooters take – the shoot-loose, auto-everything, fix-it-in-Lightroom mentality. What is an eProduct? To quote my colleague Will Crockett, “An eProduct is a blend […]

Q: Can shooting with other pros help me with my own style?

I volunteered to be an assistant for a sister Hybrid Shero at her sister’s wedding. I thought I’d learn some techniques and tips that I could use in my own shooting. Little did I expect to learn so much about my own style and what makes me the photographer that I am (and am not) […]

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