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How to Setup Lumix GH3 Menu for Color, Aspect Ratio, Size and More.

Watch this segment on how to setup your Lumix GH3 menu for Color, Aspect Ratio, Size and More! This clip is from our popular “Insider’s Guide to the Lumix GH3 SuperFeatures”. To view the full video you can steream it on thePHOTOchannel.pro and also in DVD form at HybridHOUSE.pro (coming sooon!).In this video you will […]

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How to Setup your GH3 for Recording Correct Scene Brightness

In this clip from “The Insider’s Guide to The Lumix GH3 / GH4′s SuperFeatures” has a little fun with the CREATIVE MODE and shows how yo set your GH3 ad GH4′s iDynamic menu to match your scene brightness. Coach of the Hybrid Heroes shows a great example set of images that shows what happens to […]

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Lumix GH4 test at Waterski Event

Pro waterski shooter Carol Schlintz, also a Hybrid Hero on HybridPhoto.pro, suggested that she was getting excellent results using the Lumix GH3 and GH4′s wth the long Lumix lenses including the 100-300mm and the 35-100mm … but with using the digital zoom menu item. In the GH3 and 4′s is the ability to use digital […]

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Migration to Mirrorless: A Reflection

I’m writing today the first of what will be many posts on my Migration to Mirrorless. It’s apropos that I begin this series today, as it was on this day 2 years ago that I was preparing (like I am today) to shoot a really big sport tournament. At that time it was my 8th […]

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Getting started with the LightSMARTER System

Mark Toal has been searching for a continuos lighting and diffusion system to use for video for quite a while. He thinks the LightSMARTER is going to work great for him!  This video describes how Mark Toal has been using the LightSMARTER diffusion system with LED and CFL lights in the studio. He loves how Coach Crockett […]

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PROMO: Lustre Paper Video for White Glove

Moab Master Printmaker, Will Crockett, loves the look and feel of  Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster 300. He is sure you will too! That is why at White Glove Printing they believe in giving you the best. Moab Lasal Exhibition Luster 300 is a favorite among their customers.  This beautiful white paper has a nice luster finish, which gives you a […]

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Great Affordable Lav Mic for Hybrid Photographers

Coach Crockett is tired of spending $700 for a set of wireless lavalier style mic transmitter and receiver sets so he decided to look at some of the lower costs units and guess what?  He found a really smart design, good to very good sound quality, confident build quality and great ease-of-use for under $200. […]

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Coach Crockett’s Favorite Light Stands {the ones seen in his videos} on sale… Happy Birthday to Ed Tang and Cheetah Stands from the Hybrid Heroes

  Happy Birthday to Ed Tang and Cheetah Stands from the Hybrid Heroes   We all need light stands. Some need small,lightweight ones to travel with, others need big beefy stands to hold a $2000 LED light panel in a studio. What is an affordable stand had legs that auto-opened when you placed it on […]

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There is a great eProduct delivery tool and it’s MyeCard.pro. It’s a simple, elegant,  easy, and inexpensive tool that allows you to customize the viewing experience for your client! You simply upload a video file, choose the color you want for your background, and add your client’s information. That turns it into an eProduct which is delivered […]

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LightSMARTER 4×5 in The Studio – what GREAT looking light!

After years of trial and error, the hybrid light has been defined and refined into what designed John Fitz calls “The LightSMARTER” and we think it’s the best of the best. Here’s a look at this HUGE gorgeous light that is easy to set up, quick to travel with, inexpensive, and ultra premium quality.Of course, […]

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