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Q: How Are Clients Responding to Hybrid Photography?

Hybrid Photography is moving into mainstream and with it comes the task of moving my existing cliental to finding Hybrid Photography useful for their business. I wanted to take you into the work I’m doing for one of my commercial clients and show you how I am incorporating hybrid photography into the workflow. For this […]

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How Do I Make a Successful eProduct for Weddings? Continued

After completing a wedding recently, I wanted to share with everyone some thoughts and my experience in creating an eProduct for wedding clients.   I’ve been learning to use ProShow Producer 5 lately, and it’s definitely a powerful video editor and a tool in the Hybrid Photographer’s workflow.  I added a real life testimonial to […]

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Will Takes a Look at a Camera Mount with Hand Grip

Need to shoot low angle of high angle shots and have trouble keeping your camera steady? Will Crockett tests an adjustable camera mount with a no-slip hand grip that’s light, easy to use, super adjustable, and not too expensive.   Whether you need special shots of the kids or angle shots that are impossible to […]

2012 Hybrid Photography Year In Review

2012 was an incredible year for mirrorless cameras and hybrid photography.  It was a year that saw the launch of several breakthrough cameras and lenses as well as serious advancements in sensor technology, lighting and innovations such as Wi-Fi.  The world of photography is changing, folks…  Hybrid isn’t just coming, it’s already here, and as […]

Time to Take a Ton of Photos

Sometimes I only take a few photos and get the job done like when covering an event or photographing products. However, when I am with a young person who is having a great time with their mom and giving me so many different glimpses of who they are or a family has a million ideas […]

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Another Pro Moving to Mirrorless

I’d like to introduce myself as the newest Hybrid Hero.  My name is Steven Lynch and I’m an Editorial, Lifestyle, and Creative Portrait Photographer in Los Angeles.   With many professional photographers starting to look at mirrorless cameras more seriously now, I ask myself the question.   “Do I need that heavy dSLR anymore?  Would a […]

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How To Choose the Perfect Camera

Choosing a camera…  there’s a lot of shiny new gadgets out there to entice you, but what is it that you’re really looking for?  You have to realize  that the average camera body has a relevance lifespan of about 2 years before it’s replaced by the next generation of newer, better, brighter, shinier toys.  Just […]

Top 5 reasons why I shoot JPEG over RAW
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Top 5 reasons why I shoot JPEG over RAW

I have been a RAW shooter since the format was available to digital cameras years ago. Back then a RAW file would give me quite an advantage over a JPEG since the in-camera processing of early digital cameras lacked the power of a desktop computer running Photoshop. Today’s intelligent hybrid cameras have more processing power then my laptop I purchased two years […]

LED Instead of Flash?
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LED Instead of Flash?

Yep, I’m a flash guy.  The ShootSmarter.com writers and I have shared all kinds of tips on how to use flash in the studio, on location, and have tamed the beast of wireless TTL flash pretty much anywhere.  Now we are using some LED lights mounted onto both our DSLR cameras and our mirroelss cameras. […]

Brilliant eProduct Example
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Brilliant eProduct Example

Excuse me for calling an idea I get partial credit for as “brilliant”, but it truly may be.  : ) Let me share with you the power of a low creation cost, high perceived value photo product you can easily learn to make (and sell) that not only will separate you from the rest of […]

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