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The Smarter Photographer

By sharpening our shooting skills with any camera and embracing new photo ideas, we’re adding depth and movement and impact to our images with less time on the computer and more time enjoying the results of the “smarter” ways to shoot, shape and share our images with our families, clients and you too! The era of hybrid imaging is here and offers us faster, easier ways to take advantage of how people view pictures on an electronic screen.  Using bright ideas and some of the cool (even free!) technology the internet brings us, we are blurring the lines between photo and video and creating some of the most engaging images you have ever seen.

The SMARTER Photographer is a new video series presented by world-class photographer and imaging expert Will Crockett and his group of photo friends that gently guides you into forming the best “process” for you to make hybrid images using DSLRs, mirrorless, even high end point and shoot cameras and iPhones.  You’ll see real examples of hybrid tools and eProducts Will is using right now, ideas on how to use the tools you already have to make images that leap off the viewers’ screen, where Will learns all this new info, and the latest suggestions from leading image makers on how you can join in.   “We’ll all be producing hybrid style images in the near future because people want cool images on their iPhones, iPads and Facebook pages so let’s give them really great ones?

Hybrid is not difficult at all, it’s fun, and it’s getting easier every day.” – Will Crockett.

There’s a new volume of The SMARTER Photographer every three months that brings you the freshest ideas on topics like these:

• Adding motion to your images.           
• Using online galleries to show your pictures.           
• File Refinement made quicker and easier.           
• LED lighting.           
• Event photography with a twist!           
• Exploring the cool mirrorless cameras that will be replacing our DSLRs soon.

Priced right and available as a streaming video to your tablet, phone, browser or available as a DVD, The SMARTER Photographer is guaranteed good. 
If you buy it and decide you did not get your $10 worth, we’ll give you a different video from the over 72 videos (wow!) in the collection.To purchase the first episode of this new series, please make your selection below and remember, smarter photographers make better pictures.
The SMARTER Photographer makes better pictures.

Streaming Video Now Only $9.99!

The Smarter Photographer, Volume 1
The Smarter Photographer, Volume 1
The SMARTER Photographer is a new video series that guides you into the newly emerging world of hybrid imaging. By sharpening your shooting skills and embracing new ideas, we blur the lines between photo and video and show you the smarter way to shoot, shape, show, share and even sell some of the most engaging images you’ve ever seen.

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