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Pictures That Move

with Will Crockett

Got a camera that shoots video as well as photos?
Not sure how to get started into video?

Looking to make stunning montages / slideshows and want to know the smartest ways to make them? Will Crockett guides you through the camera setup, lighting ideas, file processing and simple solutions for making your pictures that move LEAP off the screen.

Pictures and video have been around for a while, but many of us do not know how to blend them into stunning slideshows or videos that you can share online with your friends and family. Our new DVD, “Pictures That Move”, shows you how to do all of that and more.This dvd is loaded with information on everything you need to know to shoot, shape, show aand share your stunning slideshow videos.
Technology is changing the future of photography. Changing the way we shoot, create and share our digital images, not only for personal use, but for the professional photographer as well.

This DVD is for:

  • The pro photographer who wants to add something unique and creative to his/her product line.
  • The mom who wants to share clips from a baseball game with grandparents.
  • The new photographer learning and sharing creative ideas for new photo products.

“Pictures That Move” DVD will show you how easy it really is.

This DVD presents easy, simple and smart ways to use virtually any computer, any camera that shoots both photos and video, and even the some free software to make HD pro quality montages that you just can’t wait to share. And sharing is easier than ever. iPads, iPhones, smart phones, smart TVs, HD tvs, all bring you programs or apps for Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo, Animoto, Pinterest or any other social network yet to be discovered. It’s time you include HD video.  We’ll show you how.

Sharing pictures and video with friends and family, or selling video products in your photography business is becoming bigger than ever. Watch this 65 minute DVD and you will see how easy it is to begin creating your own slideshows and videos.

Now, we know that you are going to have to learn a few steps, but the slideshows and videos that you make will last a lifetime and even become priceless as time goes on.

Digital HD products are the future of photography…and the future is now!

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