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Why would a Pro use

Will Crockett has a great new lab facility that has the capability to print museum grade photographic prints. Now you too can benefit from his style of photo printing. Will would like to work with you on producing those high quality exhibition grade prints you have seen on Creative Live, The Photo Channel, and on  His lab is able […]

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Suggestions for Ken S’s One Light Portrait sample

We think that Ken Schallenberg is one sharp marketer and a great asset to our Hybrid Photographers group.   We want all the best for Ken and that includes getting special coaching by Will Crockett.   What is it that makes a successful Hybrid Photographer?  It is the ability to recognize what skill sets are needed to […]

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Q: What LED Panels are the Hybrid Heroes Recommending?

Life around Crocketville is never dull and to say the least April was a very busy month.   Not only did Will, Louie, Patty and our lovely Mya the pup move into a beautiful space up closer to the Loop in  downtown Chicago but also managed to create a large Hybid client (top secret), get to […]

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Better Audio in a Noisy Location

Here’s a quick tip. When you are recoding in a noisy location, you’ll want to get the mic in as close to the subject as possible. In this case, we were using a wireless lav and we were able to turn down the sensitivity of the mic so that it would not pick up as […]

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Q: How important is the thickness of the diffusion in front of an LED

When we introduced the Light Smarter we had the intention of not only being able to provide Hybrid Photographers with solutions for controlling LED lighting but to also add to the creative aspect of lighting a subject. What happens when we step down the density of the diffusion? In this test four levels of diffusion […]

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Q: How does Will’s Talking Portraits get that “Look”?

The Light Smarter was developed over months of research into building a great Hybrid Studio. We attract clients the same as we have always attracted clients. We do what we do better than clients can do themselves (DIY). Will did the homework. He went to National Photography Trade Shows with one purpose. That one purpose […]

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A New Pocket Portrait eTemplate on

In our LinkedIn discussion group some have been asking for new eTemplate designs. Well, we have been listening and working hard on a new Pocket Portrait design! A Pocket Portrait is perfect for showing off your client’s winning personality! They also make the perfect present for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or just about any holiday! […]

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How to Craft LED Lighting Using Diffusion Dynamic Control

We agree that in order to be Hybrid Photographers we need to master Continuous Lighting. With the right tools, and yes, the quality of the lighting used is important. Will has invested time at trade shows to compare many models of LED lighting and found a winner in the Cool Lux brand. The 1′x 1′ […]

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Have You Signed Up For Our Creative Live Event Yet?

Robby D here – Coach Will is doing the first ever hybrid photography – Shooting and Selling Hybrid Photography – session on Creative Live May 1-3, 2014. Free to sign up and there’s going to be TONS of great information.  

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Tips for Coaching and Directing Clients Making Business eCards (eCardPro)

In addition to the new video and audio skills we need to master to be hybrid photographers, we also need to master some new “directing” skills. As still photographers we know how to pose and how to lead a group to get them into that pose, but getting them to talk and “perform” in front […]

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