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How do you KNOW when to move up from dSLR to Mirrorless?

For years we’ve been gently discussing that the old reliable dSLR design is outdated and the mirrorless cameras will eventually replace them for most of the pro and non-pro use. Every day more and more come to grips with this truth and give some consideration on how, why and when to make the migration to […]

360 Home Tour on MyeCard.Pro

How are you delivering a 360 Home Tour to Realtors? Hybrid Hero, Jasmine Massions, tells you how she delivers it to the realtors she photographs for. Her preferred delivery platform is MyeCard.Pro where she gives the realtors a link to upload to the MLS. Jasmine customizes the url using the home address which is what […]

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There’s this nifty camera strap called the Money Maker! Will Crockett shows you just how versatile this handy camera strap is! It is so versatile that he even uses it to secure his camera to a chain link fence while recording this vLog! It is such a handy multi-use camera strap that this past September, […]

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How Easy Is It To Make eCards Using eTemplates?

Not only is the eCard creation easy when you use templates, but it frees you from additional post production video editing. Barry Staver describes his reasons for using eTemplates and shows you a few samples that he made using an eTemplate. In addition to their simplicity, the different versions within each eTemplate kit allow fine tuning […]

Big Picture in a Little Camera

Big Picture in a Little Camera

 This past Monday, Memorial Day, my husband and I were driving on HW 54 in Wichita, Kansas. All of a sudden I start yelling with excitement “THAT’S MY PHOTO!” several times over! Mike, my husband, turns his head asking where? Mind you were were in traffic on the highway! I quickly point to a billboard behind us […]

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Q: Is DIGITAL ZOOM really becoming useable in the new cameras?

For years we all scrunched our noses up at the thought of using the digital zoom feature to rezz-up images inside the camera. Eeeks. Well, with the advances in digital technology guess what? We need to rethink our positions. Take a look at this video that shows under certain circumstances, digital zoom may just be […]

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Q: Will Prints be Eliminated by eProducts Like iTunes did to Record Stores?

No, but the print and how it’s sold will change. Time to be thinking about it because that change is coming your way sooner than you think. As we see the eProduct move in as the primary product sold buy the professional photographer, the printed photo will not go away but instead be BETTER! That’s […]

JOIN US FOR THE LIVE STREAM! Microphones for Hybrid Photography
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JOIN US FOR THE LIVE STREAM! Microphones for Hybrid Photography

Join us LIVE to learn about Microphones for Hybrid Photographers!   This is the Fourth Production in the Hybrid Live series.  Check out for other Hybrid Live titles and many other titles available.   Robby D and  Will Crockett are part of the Hybrid Hero team who are devoted to helping other photographers gain the knowledge […]

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Hybrid 101: Just a Few Hours Until…

Don’t forget to register!

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Are Clients Buying eProducts and Museum Exhibition Grade Prints?

Hybrid Hero Patty Bradley has been busy these past few months helping Will Crockett set up Chicago Portrait, Chicago’s Premier Portrait Studio! Not only has she been busy helping with the new studio but she also helps to make up the brains behind some of the new eProducts being developed. There is no holding this woman […]

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