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Lumix G5 Gallery

Images taken with the G5 Lumix camera.

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About the Author:

Will Crockett, commercial hybrid photographer, photo technology developer, and webTV personality is focused on learning how to master hybrid imaging. The skillful blend of photo+video+audio is clearly the future of photography, but how do we shoot and shape and share and sell these hybrid "eProducts"? Dunno, but with Will Crockett as the technical genius and unstoppable force behind this transition from shooting still photos into creating pictures with depth and dimension we will surely figure it out! : ) Will is an open, honest, bright guy that shares what he learns here on this website about hybrid, eProducts, mirrorless cameras, and all the wonderful software tools that allow us to make better, smarter images for share or the sell. For years, non-pro photographers and pros alike have seen Will's videos, gone to his fun live events, and learned how to be a smarter photographer. Take a look at Will's current (and classic) images at, his consulting work for clients big and small at, and the great info on hybrid eProducts and mirrorless cameras on, and of course his premium videos at Will is credited with the construction of the Lumix Luminary talent team, and the Fujifilm Elite Talent team, and is our "coach" of the Hybrid Heroes.

5 Comments on "Lumix G5 Gallery"

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  1. Don Gilmore says:

    Will: After watching a lot of your videos on Vimeo, I thought I’d congratulate you on your expertise. You have a knack for keeping a person interested. One thing I’d like to point out — after many years of photography work and recently more with video work — have you ever tried Corel’s PaintShop Pro X4? I ask because after doing reviews on a lot of imaging softwares we’ve come to really like that software for adjusting our images, great UI, and easy to learn, with all the necessary options available, and it’s fast. It also works extremely well with Topaz Labs plug-ins. Another choice of ours is their VideoStudio Pro X5 which also works extemely easily and is very fast without taking up necessary resources from your computer (it uses a proxy option). It also has a lot of nice features. I’ve never heard you mention software, but it is a necessary evil. We are currently using an older model (G2) and are considering an upgrade here shortly. Thanks for the heads up on these great cameras. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Don,
    Thank you for the kind words my friend. I have not used PaintShop Pro, but the videoStudio software did catch my eye this past Feb at the CES show. It’s VERY powerful and lots simpler to use than Adobe Premier. Have you made anyting you can show using the Video software from Corel? And is it still PC only?
    Thanks for the great info here buddy!

  3. Rj52 says:


    Excellent review on the Panasonic G5. I’m definitely leaning towards purchasing one.I consider myself a knowledgeable amateur whose gotten older and doesn’t want to lug around a lot of gear anymore. The quandary I have is which lens to get with it. I agree with you the 14-42 doesn’t look appealing and I really don’t want to spend $1200 on the Panasonic 12-35. What do you think of the 14-45 kit lens, I know it’s not as fast as the 12-35 and doesn’t have the weather sealing but in your opinion is it close to it optically.


  4. Hey Richard!
    Please, skip the 14-42 buddy, the 14-45 is MUCH better but it’s not one of their “premier” lenses like the 25mm f1.4, the 20mm f 1.7, the 7-14mm zoom, The Olympus 45mm, or the Lumix 12-35mm lenses are. Try the 14-45 and see? You can always sell it and move up.

  5. rheinsman says:


    I’m an amateur photography who enjoys shooting nature/landscapes, family events, and photos/videos for the school I work at. I’m currently using a Lumix GF2 with three Lumix lenses: 14mm, 14-45mm and 45-200. I’m looking very seriously at the G5 but a little voice in my head (they have medication for that don’t they)keeps telling me that the GH2 is now the same price. But I want to keep it simple and I like the smaller size of the G5. But I don’t want to miss out on the great price of the GH2. But … well you get the idea. Do you have any words of wisdom that might help me make the decision?
    I’m also curious about the Lumix 45-150mm lens. I really like the fact that it is more compact than the 45-200mm but if the quality isn’t significantly better I’ll stick with what I have. What are your thoughts? And if you think I should stick with the 45-200mm then what should my next lens be?


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