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Taking A Look At The Fiilex P360 LED SpotLight

212pQQF1HDLHi guys, here’s one of the videos I made last month in Florida while at the LightPro Expo.  I wanted to take a look at the Fiilex P360 LED Spotlight and show you some of the things I really like about using this light. I’ve been shooting a lot on location out here in Florida and showing how continuous light works for Hybrid Photography. 

Fiilex P360

Because the Fiilex P360 is so small, it’s very easy to take it out on location.  Using a Photogenic Ion battery pack, it gives me enough power for several hours.  One of the coolest things about the powerful P360 is it has adjustment knobs to go anywhere between 6500K and 3000K as well as fluid power output adjustment. Being such a compact point LED it actually puts out more light than you’d think given its relatively small size. 




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As a studio owner and deeply talented photographer, Suzette Allen along with her husband Jon, create beautiful heirloom portraits of families, seniors and kids in central California. As photo educators, the pair travels the globe revealing the "ah-HA" tips for moving photos thru Photoshop with ease while they collect awards and accolades for their comfy, warm, and confidence-inspiring teaching style. Not interested in resting on their achievements, Suzette and Jon are determined to explore and share the integration of video, graphics and audio with her photography to create images with more depth and dimension than a single printed photo can reveal. Images that have no boundaries; images that appear larger than life as they are displayed on a small phone screen; images that move and move YOU when you see them. Hybrid "eProducts" that are easy to create, simple to sell, predictably profitable are the focus of their attention, imagination, and the centerpiece of Enjoy Suzette's wonderful images on display at

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  1. scott says:

    In your experience with the Fiilex 360 how do you think it would work with a mirror less camera and having it set up to do room shots for interiors of homes?

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