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What Is An eTemplate? Where Can I Get Them?

One of the tough parts of shooting Hybrid Photography is sorting, processing, and moving video files.  In the world of professional photography we can take one picture and have that big beautiful print.  When it comes to Hybrid we are shooting stills, video, and audio and all of those are pretty big files.  We want to avoid that bottleneck of editing.  Even though we have all of these editing softwares, we don’t want to use those unless we absolutely have to.  We want to be able to be “Photographers” and shoot Hybrid images that will fit into one of the eTemplates.  We also want to be able to auto-edit these eProducts using the HybridLAB.  

We have launched our new eTemplate delivery site at My eTemplate.Pro where you can purchase the template you need to create eProducts easily with reproducible results. For only $39.99 per each eKit you get the instructions on how to make your own version of each eProduct as well as instructional videos, template files, and more.  Once you are ready to create, you just pop your files into ProShow Producer, or do the EASY method by sending your files over to the HybridLAB where they will be quickly put together and delivered.  This is the future of profitable photography!


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Steve Lynch is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has over 12 years of experience with photography, television and film production and engineering, and has been shooting professionally for the past 5 years. As a single father of 2 girls, he recently returned from taking 18 months off after his youngest daughter Savannah was born. He's refocusing his photography business towards a commercial / advertising direction while incorporating eProducts and Talking Portraits into his workflow.

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  1. rdeaver says:

    Steve, are there any new ones in pipeline?

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