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Welcoming Hybrid for Commercial Photo Success.

Speaking of welcoming, say hello to our newest vlogger, Mr. Joe Smithberger! – ed.
As a starting point I am looking to duplicate and supplement the work I am doing now with Hybrid imaging tools. I already own a Canon DSLR outfit that is capable of amazing still and video images but I picked up a Sony Nex-7 mirrorless camera with a few lenses and a few small, inexpensive LED panels. I plan to add to this basic kit so that bouncing from stills to video and back again is possible without touching any of my settings other than which capture button I press.

I am a Corporate, Advertising, and Public Relations Photographer working in North Eastern Ohio. My Clients are Companies, Large and Small, as well as Advertising Agencies and Magazine Publishers. You can see by these images that I get involved in a lot of different shooting environments, many times, mixing flash with available light… on location…sometimes in the studio… Since I shoot for publication, color fidelity and image quality are important considerations.From looking at the other Hybrid Heros on the site, everyone has their own approach to working through all of this. I see Lighting as the first problem to solve since I rarely work under available light without adding something.

 Now I need to work out how to do what I do with Continuous sources so that when transitioning into shooting video for clients I will be ready. I suspect that I will have to tweak my gear and my thought processes quite a bit to use these new tools, but I am excited by what I have discovered so far and I hope you will follow along with me and, hopefully, help with your comments, as I make my way into Hybrid Imaging.  This is my first Video Blog Post, so please feel free to post a comment here with some of your ideas for a more commercial approach to hybrid photography as I vlog here with you on the site.  Thanks!

About the Author:

Joe Smithberger is a commercial photographer working in Canton, Ohio. Joe has spent the past 20+ years working with a diverse mix of clients – from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies - and communicating their stories through his photographic images. He graduated from Ohio State University with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1985. After 12 years as a design engineer, he turned his love of photography into a full-time endeavor when he opened Smithberger Photography in 1991. Smithberger Photography, Inc. specializes in commercial, editorial, industrial, and architectural photography and serves a wide range of industries including Advertising, Health Care, Manufacturing, and Professional Services. In addition to shooting for clients Joe is also busy teaching Photoshop, Lightroom, and Photography classes at Stark State College in Canton and can be found playing music with various groups around town. Although he is new to Hybrid Imaging, he hopes to bring his experience as a Pro Photographer, Musician, and Teacher to bear in working through the land mines of this new technology.

4 Comments on "Welcoming Hybrid for Commercial Photo Success."

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  1. DCWilson says:

    Hi Joe—I hope you won’t mind fielding questions from time to time, as well as taking suggestions. I am a fellow Ohioan, and also have a degree (Associate’s) in Mechanical Engineering. My photography is still only a hobby, but I always enjoy learning about the finer points of any endeavor. Thanks for your time!

  2. Sure thing Dan. My email address is on my website.

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