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Event Photos: Use LED or Flash?

Us hybrid photographers are all gung ho about LED lights so that we can shoot stills and video at the same time. But what I’ve found is that the LED mounted on the camera doesn’t provide the best experience for the person being photographed. People squint and children run and hide when they see me coming!

Here’s a scenario: Low light indoor corporate event where you need to shoot stills and video.

  • You need portability
  • You need to be able to work fast
  • You need to keep your client happy by not scaring the people with your harsh light


  • Use a flash for the stills and hope for the best using available light for the video
  • Get an assistant to help you hold the LED light up and at 45 degrees from your subject
  • Get a bracket to position the light above the camera, so that it’s not as direct

Have you tried the camera mounted LED lights for events yet? What did you do to solve the harsh light problem?

Leave a comment and let us know!

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With over 20 years as a pro shooting editorial, sports, corporate and industrial photography, Marlene Hielema has become comfortable with the craft of digital output. As a photo and video tinkerer and troubleshooter, Marlene enjoys relaying the practical uses of photo and video hardware and software that you might not find on the manufacturer's or software publisher's websites. Thousands have seen her work on YouTube and her popular site where Marlene teaches photography and photo editing online, in the classroom, and one-to-one. Find out more about what Marlene can help you with here on discovermirrorless, as well as and

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  1. I’ve had that “running away” reaction too, and since I always shoot hybrid, I’ve been hunting for a solution. I have brackets and will give that a try. Thanks Marlene!

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