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Screenflow: Editing Made Easy

Everybody is looking for an easy to use video editor and I think Screenflow is a great start! This software has all of the tools you’ll need to get most edits knocked out with ease.  Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling. Stay tuned for more tips coming soon!

About the Author:

Video formats, video compression, video editing tools - yuck. Dave Flores, master video producer, is the talent behind the camera for most of the 140+ CrockettCo videos seen on the premium page here as well as the Will Crockett, Rick Ferro, Suzette Allen content found on client sites around the globe. Dave knows video. From the simplest tools for trimming a video clip, to choosing your cameras video shooting format, to compressing the video for that "just right" look on youtube, when our writers and vloggers need info on video; they go to Dave. Based in suburban Chicago and shooting (almost!) exclusively with mirrorless cameras to create educational video and client marketing video across the US, Dave has been working with our team as the DSLR and mirrorless video expert since the first mirrorless camera entered Will Crockett's studio in 2010.

4 Comments on "Screenflow: Editing Made Easy"

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  1. Paula Thomas says:

    Great tips. I’ve only been using Screen Flow for a few weeks and am really loving it. A must have tool for Mac users!

  2. Great video Dave. I’ve been a bit scared to try Screenflow, but you’ve got me very interested now! Thanks and looking forward to seeing more of your video blog posts on DM.

  3. This is excellent, Dave! DEFINITELY cut down my learning curve on ScreenFlow.


  4. Dave Flores says:

    Thanks guys!

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