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Ready for the Opportunity of Screens?

In the world of photographer we’ve been hearing talk about death. Death of film, death of print…its just not true. Analog formats will not go away anytime soon. Most likely analog formats will become something of a prized craft like someone who shoots film, processes the negative and makes a beautiful print by hand. For commercial uses though? Analog is going to make up a tiny niche so small that I would not even consider shooting film for a client again.

Digital options such as screen real estate will emerge and we will be competing for that space, for those opportunities but analogue? It’s not going away soon.

When I see change I jump at the opportunity to experiment and create art that’s transformed from what I’m used to. It does not always work but as an experiment I’m only interested in experimentation. When I fail, I move onto the next opportunity taking the lessons of failure with me.

How not to repeat past mistakes.

We all know that for commercial shooters print is slowly going away to the land of a tiny niche. That said, my question is why are so many photographers fighting change again? Did we forget what happened with the move from film to digital? So many photographers both new and old fought the transition and they paid the price. Let’s not make that same mistake again as we transition from print to screens.

Taking a look at the chart below we can see how the photo industry follows the music industry by about 5 years. If we know where the music industry is now we can plan for the future of the photo industry and be successful when the demand comes our way or be a leader and offer hybrid services now.

In an article by Business Insider we now that by 2016 there will be over 1.5 billion screens in the marketplace. Each of those screens is real estate for your work to live on. It could be a simple still image but it could be a still image with some animation, some video or sound added. 

The moment of truth

There will come a time when every commercial photographer gets asked by a client if they shoot video. This will either be an opportunity to grow that client or a potential lost client. It’s an opportunity that will come our way. Are you seeing the opportunity to grow your business and to grow as an artist?

About the Author:

Giulio Sciorio is an award winning professional photographer that shoots for social media, editorial and advertising. G is modern-minimalist with a visual style that is natural, spontaneous and fun. As one of the first pro photographers to switch from a DSLRs to a mirrorless-hybrid system, G founded Small Camera Big Picture. His vision is to inspire other photographers to reach new creative heights using small cameras. Small Camera Big Picture is the resource for everything on mirrorless-hybrid photography and the modern photographer’s lifestyle. Learn how big things come in small packages at

2 Comments on "Ready for the Opportunity of Screens?"

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  1. robertd says:

    After reading your article and watching the video clip, I have a couple of questions and apologize if it may sound a bit nieve. My first question is what are you referring to as “screens”? I did a quick google search and did not find anything that came close to what you were talking about. Based off of your article, I am getting the impression that you are referring to the background image. Most people that I know that have some type of smartphone know how to change the background image on their phone. Which leads me to my second question of what am I missing here or not understanding?

  2. Hi Robert,

    by screens I mean just that – TV’s, monitors, smart phones, tablets, etc. I’m talking about moving portraits, hybrid eproducts that are captured for the purpose to be displayed on a screen.

    Hope this helps,


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