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Q: How Does Mirrorless Handle Interior and Exterior Photography?

 As imaging and marketing professionals, we use every opportunity we can to give out clients the best possible content.  Recently, a return client opened a new branch and needed building interior and exterior images for the grand opening.  With little budget, big client expectations, and a narrow weather and sun position window, I put the new mirrorless camera system to the test.   I find ideal conditions for this subject is an over cast day but sometimes deadlines push you to find other alternatives to complete a job.   Our client is new to social media and we just helped get their website live.  I am currently working on creating his eCard.   Referral to new clients is the best way I find to build my business.

About the Author:

Family, community, and the desire to make people’s lives a little happier has been the basis of Patty Bradley’s small town studio’s promise for over 20 years. Along with her artistic husband, Bob, and their son, Ryan, Bradley Photography, Manchester, Iowa has produced over 1200 wedding albums and thousands of portraits. Part of the experience of creating photography has been exploring new techniques as they come along. Hybrid photography has emerged with technology and recognizing a new potential market for these products has brought Patty to to explore the tools and techniques involved. Patty has a degree in photography from Hawkeye College in Waterloo, Iowa and has belonged to PPA, WPPI, PPof Iowa, and PP of California.

3 Comments on "Q: How Does Mirrorless Handle Interior and Exterior Photography?"

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  1. petercbrandt says:

    Bank shot with Mirrorless: 1st could you kick up the sound volume a notch ! 2nd what advantage was there with the mirrorless, I was left wondering at the end of your video.

  2. Patty Bradley says:

    Hello Peter C. Thank you for your comments. To answer your question the advantage to mirrorless cameras is they are packed with features that allow you to pick up detail in interior shots. I actually photographed with both a Canon 5D dSLR and the Lumix GH2. The WB and the iDynamic settings of the camera allowed me to achieve more detail in the shadow areas, more accurate color and actually had less noise. That is a big challenge. This is a client type that I want to work with. I have 28 years in photography, have worked from large format down to dSLR and working with mirrorless cameras is fairly new. I have spent the majority of my career in the portrait side. I am simply sharing what I am finding in this area as success story and hope this helps my fellow photographers. Thanks again.

  3. scott says:

    Patty I enjoyed your video. I am just starting to use a Fuji XE-1 for some video and have been very pleased so far. In viewing your video I thought that some of the darker areas in the scenes such as brown walls in the bank showed some noise and wondered if your high iso settings had something to do with that. Not offensive at all but wondered if it could be lowered with other settings that would work.

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