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Q: b&w hybrid portraits – Fuji XE2 or GH3?

Hybrid photo dude Will Crockett has been modifying master portrait photographer MARC HAUSER’s Chicago studio to shoot hybrid. Together, Marc and Will are planning to shoot a few thousand eCardPRO and smartEcards for clients in 2014.  To do that, they need to install the most efficient, effective hybrid tools on the planet. One of the tough choices is cameras.  The Fuji X series cameras really do have the best image quality for b&w portraits of all cameras, and they have simply divine pre-processing menu options for fine tuning the image in-camera instead of on the computer despite the Fuji X’s rather slow shooting speeds {relatively speaking compared to DSLR}. But… the Lumix GH3 offers a fine b&w jpeg, plenty of pre-processing options and one of the best face detection autofocus systems in the world.
So which camera did we choose? 
The ultra high image quality Fuji that’s a little sluggish with it’s speed and autofocus, or the GH3 with a really good b&w jpeg…but super dependable AF and shooting speed. 
GH3.  Why?
Watch the video and see.
This video is a response to a terrific question from one of the LinkedIn group members in our professionals only group – Hybrid Photography Using Mirrorless Cameras.

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Will Crockett, commercial hybrid photographer, photo technology developer, and webTV personality is focused on learning how to master hybrid imaging. The skillful blend of photo+video+audio is clearly the future of photography, but how do we shoot and shape and share and sell these hybrid "eProducts"? Dunno, but with Will Crockett as the technical genius and unstoppable force behind this transition from shooting still photos into creating pictures with depth and dimension we will surely figure it out! : ) Will is an open, honest, bright guy that shares what he learns here on this website about hybrid, eProducts, mirrorless cameras, and all the wonderful software tools that allow us to make better, smarter images for share or the sell. For years, non-pro photographers and pros alike have seen Will's videos, gone to his fun live events, and learned how to be a smarter photographer. Take a look at Will's current (and classic) images at, his consulting work for clients big and small at, and the great info on hybrid eProducts and mirrorless cameras on, and of course his premium videos at Will is credited with the construction of the Lumix Luminary talent team, and the Fujifilm Elite Talent team, and is our "coach" of the Hybrid Heroes.

2 Comments on "Q: b&w hybrid portraits – Fuji XE2 or GH3?"

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  1. DaleC says:

    Thanks again for another great presentation. As the owner of a GH3 I am always interested in more information on settings for the GH3. I did purchase your recent Part I video on the GH3 setup and I am anxious for the second one you do there too. Appreciate all the great help and information you folks share! Dale

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