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Premium Profits from the Easy eCardPRO Hybrid eProduct

Here’s a little update on our latest Hybrid project, the eCardPRO Talking Business Card.

In an era where just about everyone is carrying around a smartphone or tablet device, and everyone else is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., we believe the eCardPRO will be the replacement for the traditional printed business card.  You know, the ones that stack up in your wallet that you eventually end up throwing out anyway. ;)

The best part about these talking business cards?…  They let you connect directly with your prospective customers or business contacts as they listen to your message, personally delivered by you.   We’re super excited about this powerful concept and look forward to sharing our progress with our readers, so check back often! — WC

About the Author:

Scott Giorgini – Scott, the creator of, is a veteran of Radio and TV, having been involved in those industries for over 20 years. He got his start as a DJ in 1987 and was producing mix shows for radio by 1989. By the mid 1990s, he was producing radio commercials and shows, which later led to TV, where he was producing ads and shows on the local scene. In 2006, Scott started consulting for a TV Advertising Studio and got involved with every facet of production, from conceptual, to writing scripts, to directing, editing, graphic design, web marketing, to shooting (using HUGE studio camera rigs and DSLRs for b-roll and location shooting) and even hosting shows. Through his voracious study of mirrorless cameras, Scott also realizes that most of the technical advances in imaging were coming from the mirrorless category, and he wholeheartedly believes that mirrorless is the future of digital imaging.

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  1. Creger says:

    Awesome. I especially like the last e-Card. :-)

    Craig M.

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