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Minimal Gear For Professional Hybrid Photography

There was a time several years ago before I had gone on my 1 year hiatus from shooting, where I was carrying tons of gear to each one of my shoots.  I had a large shoulder bag with 2 full sized dSLRs and grips, 70-200 f2.8 Lens, and a few others that were equally as heavy.  My shoulders and back weren’t happy with my gear choices, but this taught me to really be more of a minimalist photographer.  

When I switched over to using a Mirrorless System, I was well on my way to being a minimalist photographer, but combined with the size and weight of the new system, along with my choices to keep size / weight / cost down of gear, I have really found a great combination for shooting my Professional Hybrid Photography in Los Angeles.   I wanted to share just what all I take when going on any of my shoots.  These are the MUST HAVE items, but would you be surprised when I tell you that they only take up 1/8th of the size of my vehicles trunk space?   

When shooting for my professional work, going on distance photo walks, or just scooting around town or the Zoo with the kiddos, I have found a very versatile system when it comes to the way I shoot my Hybrid Photography. 

About the Author:

Steve Lynch is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has over 12 years of experience with photography, television and film production and engineering, and has been shooting professionally for the past 5 years. As a single father of 2 girls, he recently returned from taking 18 months off after his youngest daughter Savannah was born. He's refocusing his photography business towards a commercial / advertising direction while incorporating eProducts and Talking Portraits into his workflow.

2 Comments on "Minimal Gear For Professional Hybrid Photography"

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  1. jryan06 says:

    nice presentation, but very distracting. Too many effects and the focus going in and out

  2. dearnold says:

    I agree that the presentation is distracting with the changes in lighting and focus. However, I would really be interested in a followup video or PDF list of the gear that was referenced in the video. Steve talked us through a lot of gear — I’d like to see just how he packed it (there were several bags shown in the background) and know exactly what he items was talking about. The video just hit the top level concept of “minimal gear”; it would be very difficult to implement the idea with this few details.
    Looking for more specific suggestions…………….thx

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