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Lightroom 4 Tips for Hybrid Photography: Editing Video and Syncing with Still Photos

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 is a great tool for managing your photos AND videos. That’s right, you can import videos into Lightroom too! Starting with Lightroom 4 you can  trim your videos and even adjust the color and contrast right inside of Lightroom. That’s just one of a number of good reasons to upgrade to Lightroom 4 if you’re using a previous version. You can import video in Lightroom 3, but you can’t edit it inside of Lightroom.

As a hybrid photographer I appreciate the ability to do basic video editing in the software that I’m already using for my still photographs (Lightroom 4). In this vlog post I’ll give you a few tips for editing video inside of Lightroom 4. I’ll also show you how I use Lightroom 4 to prepare my stills and videos for uploading to ProShow Web for my hybrid eScapes. These techniques apply equally well if you are preparing images for eTemplates and eProducts too!

Lightroom 4 has limited optons for exporting video, but it works great for a hybrid eScape or eProduct.

About the Author:

Rob Knight has been a professional artist in Atlanta, Georgia for over twenty years. He’s been a photographer for more than half of that time, an Adobe Certified Expert since 2009, and an educator since 2010. Whether in the mountains of his home state of Georgia or the rain forests of Costa Rica, Rob loves to chase beautiful light and help other photographers make beautiful images. He is best known for his nature and travel photo workshops, and he feels that hybrid nature photography is the next step for the genre. Rob’s work these days includes shooting video along with stills to create hybrid eScapes. “I think my students are going to be as excited as I am about hybrid nature photography,” Rob explains, “Especially when they learn that they can use tools that they already have to add another layer of creativity and storytelling to their photography.”

7 Comments on "Lightroom 4 Tips for Hybrid Photography: Editing Video and Syncing with Still Photos"

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  1. Great tip on the adjustment tip sync between photo and video in LR4 Rob. I just tried it and it works great for me too. Thanks!

  2. Rob Knight says:

    Glad to help! That trick saves a lot of time when you’ll be showing the photos and videos together. It really helps to give your hybrid presentations a consistent look.

  3. Steven Lynch says:

    Rob great info. Quick question though. How did you show the original unedited photo (seemed like a key command you pressed)? I used to use that a lot in Aperture with the letter M on the keyboard, but have not been able to find something for Lightroom.

  4. Rob Knight says:

    Press the \ key for befor and after. There is a pop-up in the video, but I guess I didn’t mention it. If you don’t want to go all the way back to the original file, you can right-click on a step in the history panel to set how far back “before” is.

  5. Steven Lynch says:

    Ah! That makes sense. I couldn’t find it described anywhere. :)

    Thanks for the tip!

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