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Hybrid Training: Putting It All Together

This is my first attempt at making a Hybrid Video project. I used a minimal about of equipment so I could concentrate on the video and still photography.

The stills were shot using a Lumix GH3 either in the Program or Aperture priority mode. The video was all shot in the program mode so I could focus on the content and not the camera at this stage in my learning. Since I promised that this series would be about my learning to shoot video I’m posting this early version of the video that I know has some flaws that I will learn to fix and then talk about  in future episodes.

While I was putting this project together in ProShow Producer I realized how important sound is. I also found that I have a tendency to get attached to certain photos and videos that make the project a little too long. Stay tuned for future episodes as I continue to learn this exciting new style of photography.

Thanks for watching. 

About the Author:

Mark Toal was born in Providence, Rhode Island and grew up in Miami, Florida. His grandfather worked for George Eastman at Kodak in Rochester, New York. Both of his parents also worked at Kodak. Mark has always made a living in the photo industry and has done everything from photo-processing to professional portraiture. Currently, he is a camera representative for Panasonic.

4 Comments on "Hybrid Training: Putting It All Together"

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  1. petey says:

    Great e product Mark! If I may ask, what software do you use for editing? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Mark Toal says:

    Hi Petey,

    I used Lightroom 4 to edit the individual video clips and adjust the color of the still and video files. I then used Pro Show Producer to put the videos and stills together into the video you see in my post.


  3. petey says:

    Thanks very much Mark!


  4. RoyP says:

    Hello Mark,

    Fantastic video. Excellent picture quality and pleasant music/sound track. I’m inspired.

    Could you share info on how to find/buy such great sound track?

    Many Thanks,

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