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How to setup your GH3 like a BOSS – Part 4 of 4 Custom Settings

In part 4 of 4  I’ll show you how I can quickly build custom settings such as Retro, Color and Monochrome looks and store them in the GH3′s C1-3 buttons…like a BOSS.

Now that you got your function buttons set, quick menu customized and JPEG settings you’re almost ready to shoot like a boss playa. What we’ll do now is take those settings and store them into the C1, C2, C3-1, C3-2 and C2-3. Once you got your custom formulas for awesomeness stored for quick recall when shooting, you’ll quickly be able to bounce from shooting a film like color mode to a monochrome, retro, cross process…and shoot video that looks like your stills too!

This is what makes the GH3 so amazing. It’s not that it shoots stills and video, every camera does that, rather its how Panasonic combined the process of shooting stills/motion that when setup properly will transform how you create.

Photography is about creating, professional photography is about the business of creating. As a working pro, the faster I can create and deliver the faster I can grow my business and stand out in my market as a leader.

While some may look at the GH3 simply as a camera I see it as so much more. It’s a tool for creation similar to when I was a kid and the box of crayons went from 16 to 64.

Some might argue that the GH3 is the future but its not. The Gh3 and Hybrid shooting is the now.

About the Author:

Giulio Sciorio is an award winning professional photographer that shoots for social media, editorial and advertising. G is modern-minimalist with a visual style that is natural, spontaneous and fun. As one of the first pro photographers to switch from a DSLRs to a mirrorless-hybrid system, G founded Small Camera Big Picture. His vision is to inspire other photographers to reach new creative heights using small cameras. Small Camera Big Picture is the resource for everything on mirrorless-hybrid photography and the modern photographer’s lifestyle. Learn how big things come in small packages at

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