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How to Create a Hybrid Photo on Location with Your iPhone

ProShow Web has an app for iOS devices that allows you to create a hybrid photo while on location. Here I take you step by step on how to use the app. This app is not only good for photos you take with your iPhone or iPad but is also a great tool to accompany the WiFi feature on your camera!


This is perfect when photographing events such as a wedding! You can quickly have your hybrid photo ready to show during the reception. It helps to eliminate your time in post since you can create it while on the job, especially when you pre-process your photos!

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About the Author:

Jasmine has a had a passion for photography since childhood. Once a professional actress and model, Jasmine's focus is now on the opposite side of the camera. Specializing in commercial and portrait photography, Jasmine also actively displays her art. Jasmine's passion and dedication to ever expand her craft as a photographer has brought her to the Hybrid Photography medium and believes that the integration of photo + video + audio has taken her craft to the next level. She strongly believes that Hybrid "eProducts" are just a peek into to future of photography.

2 Comments on "How to Create a Hybrid Photo on Location with Your iPhone"

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  1. Robby D. says:

    Well done, Jasmine! It’s really easy to overlook the fact that hybrid services like ProShow Web can (and should) be accessed on the go. I *always* have my iPhone with me and the quality of the camera is really good (I have the new 5C), so why not grab that video and a few stills, upload with the 4G LTE service and I can share the finished product with my client before I get home.

    Thanks for sharing! AND thanks to Photodex for making sure that their service is mobile friendly

  2. Thanks Robby D.! I too use the iPhone 5C and the web connection is great! There was a homecoming parade at one of the local high schools and I took photos and video with my iPhone, uploaded it to the ProShow Web app, and created a hybrid! I showed it to the principal and he loved it and wanted a copy of it. Have you had the chance to download the app yet?

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