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eTemplates…The Great Hybrid Time Saver

I have been working on a template and they are the hybrid time saver. Here’s the idea with hybrid, we put together stills, video, audio, and some graphics. The question is how to be efficient, so Will Crockett and Movoir came up with this idea of eTemplate, 45 seconds, that’s what we get, and the question is how to put it all together.

As Hybrid Heroes we are designing these eTemplates, so I did this family photo session of these kids that had just graduated from 6th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade. We did individual photos, then family photos, and then I interviewed each of them separately. Then I created one video for the oldest graduate, it took me about 2 hours to get it just the way I wanted it in ProShow Producer where I put his pictures and some of the video together with the audio of his mother talking about how proud she is of him.  Then I made it an eTemplate and the next two only took twenty minutes or less from the selection of stills, video, audio and text to producing it.  It is a template I can use over and over again. 

I like to think of these eTemplates, not as cookie cutter designs but as poetry structures, like a haiku. It has a very rigid structure, but that structure gives us a place to be creative. Similar to standard print sizes.  It makes our work a lot easier.

Will Crockett and the good folks at have made using templates even easier by creating  great eTemplate kits that you can buy and then you send in your stills, video clips and audio to, and they send you back the finished product  Here is a sample of the ebusiness card  (I can’t wait to do one, life is just a little busy right now) and visit here for more information on eTemplate

About the Author:

She's a Mom, a wife, a pro photographer, a photo educator and she's fascinated with how to add some form of movement into the images she creates. Jessica Wallach runs Portrait Playtime in the Washington DC area and uses both a dSLR and mirrorless cameras to create images of kids, families and some commercial work. Not afraid to try anything new, Jessica is experimenting with how to use the moving images can convey the human spirit (and dogs too!). Mirrorless cameras are smart and easy to take good pictures with, and their video quality is much better than DSLRs, but using any hybrid camera comfortably to create still photos or video files at any moment in time as a little kid zips past the lens with a joyful squeal is what Jessica's vb logs are about. Do you shoot still photos of the moment? Or is a video clip better to capture the emotion? Or both? Jessica believes that photography doesn't always have to be about the struggle to get the right images, no matter if you use all auto functions of full manual. It's the image that matters. Jessica Wallace vlogs here to set you up for success with adding the depth of movement to your pictures.

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  1. So well put Jess, thanks for helping all of us figure this stuff out. : )

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