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Dougmon Camera Support

Capturing good still images is easy for a seasoned photographer, but good video, can be a challenge sometimes. Even with Image Stabilization, holding the camera steady can be a problem. Sometimes it’s just not practical to use a tripod to keep your camera steady.

In this video, Suzette Allen shows the Dougmon camera support system that she uses to keep a steady shot. While it works best with a normal to wide angle lens, it also helps with longer focal length lenses too. And it’s great when shooting longer clips of video.

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About the Author:

As a studio owner and deeply talented photographer, Suzette Allen along with her husband Jon, create beautiful heirloom portraits of families, seniors and kids in central California. As photo educators, the pair travels the globe revealing the "ah-HA" tips for moving photos thru Photoshop with ease while they collect awards and accolades for their comfy, warm, and confidence-inspiring teaching style. Not interested in resting on their achievements, Suzette and Jon are determined to explore and share the integration of video, graphics and audio with her photography to create images with more depth and dimension than a single printed photo can reveal. Images that have no boundaries; images that appear larger than life as they are displayed on a small phone screen; images that move and move YOU when you see them. Hybrid "eProducts" that are easy to create, simple to sell, predictably profitable are the focus of their attention, imagination, and the centerpiece of Enjoy Suzette's wonderful images on display at

4 Comments on "Dougmon Camera Support"

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  1. Very nice, Suzette! I plan to check it out as I know I need something for stabilization in the field when a tripod isn’t a good answer.

  2. Rob Knight says:

    That looks like a great tool for shooting video and traveling light!

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