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Does your camera store still think DSLR is the only format for a pro? Ask them to watch this.

Retail camera stores in America are going thru a really rough time right now.  Competition from online suppliers is tough, more women are buying photo gear, marketing and advertising methods are changing, and that’s really only the beginning.  

As a long time seminar presenter, Will Crockett has worked with photo retail specialty stores for decades and sees mirrorless and hybrid photography being the product lines that “save” the camera stores from becoming the next storefront style business, like the record store and travel agency, to die a slow painful death.  

A DiscoverMirrorless viewer used the “ASK WILL” portal on the site to find out how our hybrid Coach handles camera dealers that don’t yet recognize mirrorless as a viable pro imaging option. So Will made this reply that is made for you AND for the camera dealers that need a little boost in their mirrorless sales confidence.

Many camera dealers don’t think mirrorless is anything more than a fad and DSLRs are the only way to stay profitable.  They, unfortunately, see them as consumer-only products, they don’t include them in their customer recommendation process much {if at all}, and will need to learn the hard way that mirrorless will be replacing the DSLR as the most popular format for pro and emerging pro photographers as hybrid takes over in the next 3 years.

So what do you do when your camera store makes you feel uncomfortable when you ask about mirrorless cameras as a professional tool?  For one, be patient.  The dealers need to make a living and they are so used to DSLRs being the “bread and butter” that changing that out for a smaller less expensive product line spells trouble in their minds.  Their first reaction is to support DSLR sales over all others. That will change.
Open minded dealers, like the ones that are hosting events like our Hybrid Hangout Weekends and the hybrid seminars from Suzette Allen and Rick Ferro understand that the DSLR is the right solution for some, and the mirrorless is the right solution for others, and are open to training their staff on selling both.

Let’s encourage all dealers to be forward thinking on all options for hybrid photography and talking portraiture. Let’s help them retrain their staff or relocate their hybrid-resistant and typically “overly opinionated” counter sales folks to the shipping department {ha!}, and reach out to local and national level hybrid photo educators to come on in and lead by example.

Start the process by telling them to watch this video and please contact Will if they need help of more info?  Will’s message is the same as the other Hybrid Heroes on our network – it’s that we all will be shooting hybrid in the very near future and sure you can use a DSLR to shoot hybrid and talking portraiture.  But is lots easier, faster and most ways better to use a mirrorless instead.  That’s no longer just an opinion, it’s a fact that is growing in popularity at an amazing rate.  

Thanks for being patient with your local dealer, it’s in all our best interest for them to prosper and ask them to call Lumix or Fuji and book in a hybrid photography event? They are available right now just for the asking to dealers that “get it”.  Wouldn’t you LOVE to have Suzette Allen come to your local camera retail store and do her “Getting Started in Hybrid Photography” Seminar?  Heck yeah!!!
:  )

About the Author:

Will Crockett, commercial hybrid photographer, photo technology developer, and webTV personality is focused on learning how to master hybrid imaging. The skillful blend of photo+video+audio is clearly the future of photography, but how do we shoot and shape and share and sell these hybrid "eProducts"? Dunno, but with Will Crockett as the technical genius and unstoppable force behind this transition from shooting still photos into creating pictures with depth and dimension we will surely figure it out! : ) Will is an open, honest, bright guy that shares what he learns here on this website about hybrid, eProducts, mirrorless cameras, and all the wonderful software tools that allow us to make better, smarter images for share or the sell. For years, non-pro photographers and pros alike have seen Will's videos, gone to his fun live events, and learned how to be a smarter photographer. Take a look at Will's current (and classic) images at, his consulting work for clients big and small at, and the great info on hybrid eProducts and mirrorless cameras on, and of course his premium videos at Will is credited with the construction of the Lumix Luminary talent team, and the Fujifilm Elite Talent team, and is our "coach" of the Hybrid Heroes.

3 Comments on "Does your camera store still think DSLR is the only format for a pro? Ask them to watch this."

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  1. ottorascon says:

    What an insightful video Will. I can’t help but think about HELIX Camera here in Chicago. It’s a little sad that they’re now closed, but man they were so behind the times. That place just felt antiquated and I only used them to buy paper backgrounds. I know some cool people at Calumet, so hopefully they don’t end up closing shot as well. Thanks for keeping it real.

  2. seamuswarren says:

    Will, you don’t mess around… and – while nothing to do with the issue at hand – your thoughtfulness in not mispronoucing my name in front of an international audience is a welcome change to what I have come to expect over the years in a local setting. :)

    Your eighteen minute video production “going into bat” on my behalf to enlighten some of the more partisan retailers (or employees of) out there is touching and you have my sincere thanks.

    Just on Zack Arias, my impression is of a little light hearted teasing of some non-Fujifilm manufacturers Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica and a few others because he is so in love with his Fujifilm X Series cameras at the moment. :)

    Will, I apologise to you and your audience if I conveyed a negative vibe from Zack’s site, which was not my intention as I chuckled at some of the characterisations, or the personalities Zack endowed these cameras. :)

    It all turned sour last weekend when the sales assistant encountered at the TED’s Pitt Street store in Sydney was somewhat GH3 negative. He made no attempt to assist or inform me of the features and benefits of the GH3 when another sales assistant passing by happened to be carrying one as from a display case to I don’t know where. They handed it to me to examine like throwing scraps to a starving man.

    The pervading attitude – at least from the assistant I encountered – was simply dismissive of anything non-full frame. The wall to wall Nikon/Canon gear on display throughout the store didn’t help. :)

    I mentioned two or three times how the store was too brightly lit to enable testing the light sensitivity and rendering of captured images. This was my subtle way of asking to be escorted to an area of the store where the lights could be dimmed – but my “alluding” or “nudging” was met with silence. This made me feel uncomfortable and – poor sensitive me – unwanted. The anxiety grew, so I promptly exited the store.

    I wanted to test the GH3 – and possibly a Fujifilm X-Pro 1 as well – in relatively low light and maybe also try one or two of those gorgeous 2.8 Lumix lenses.

    Will, as I peruse the pages of, I am struck by the openness and honesty of the opinions expressed by you and the team of Hybrid Heroes, which is a refreshing change. :)

    I am writing letter to Ted’s and will relay their response.

    Once again, a sincere thank you for your assistance.

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