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3 Easy Tips To Shooting Higher Quality Professional Video

A much younger version of myself from when I started learning videography.

I remember back when I first started filming video.  It was in high school, and it was in one of my video production classes.  We thought back then we were so awesome at what we were doing… (hehe… if only younger Steve new what older Steve knew.)  As I learned to be a better videographer, editor, and photographer I picked up a lot of very useful tips which have really come in handy when I started using video dSLRs.   

Here are  3 of my easy tips, along with a couple of little extra tricks thrown in to help everyone become a better video shooter.  I want to help all of you to separate the look of your professional video from the home video Uncle Bob sent from his latest trip across country.  You know…the one with the one shot panning and zooming while driving in the car through Colorado?   

About the Author:

Steve Lynch is a portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He has over 12 years of experience with photography, television and film production and engineering, and has been shooting professionally for the past 5 years. As a single father of 2 girls, he recently returned from taking 18 months off after his youngest daughter Savannah was born. He's refocusing his photography business towards a commercial / advertising direction while incorporating eProducts and Talking Portraits into his workflow.

4 Comments on "3 Easy Tips To Shooting Higher Quality Professional Video"

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  1. JDSmall says:

    Good tips, Steve. Thanks!

  2. ShootHybrid says:

    Thanks Steve! I need to learn to take shorter clips – that makes such a huge difference!

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