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Hybrid Heroes are here to help.

Each of our contributors (we call ‘em Hybrid Heroes) are professional photographers interested in moving from “still photos only” into hybrid photo+video+audio images to share or to sell.  Many of them see the decline of their own printed photo product sales as a clue that people are starting to prefer an electronic photo product {aka eProduct} to a printed one.  Most customers don’t place the same value on a slideshow video file as they do a spectacular 16×20 print, but what if we could change that?  What if we are able to create an eProduct that springs to life on a phone, Facebook page or living room TV that makes people stop, jaws drop, and feel great about paying top dollar for it? That’s why the Hybrid Heroes are  here and ready to help.


All of our heroes have their own point of view, unique back stories and are willing to share the good and the not-so-good elements about adding hybrid eProducts to their photography. Take a look at our current lineup of Hybrid Heroes on



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