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Innovation #1 – What the Heck is a C-Loop?

Let me tell you it’s the coolest little gadget for making a camera on a strap behave! I’ve always been uncomfortable with a camera strap around my neck. And when I take it off to shoot (really don’t like it while shooting) the straps were uncomfortable between my hand and the camera and worse yet, distracting. The solution is to attach the strap to the bottom of the camera so that when shooting – strap on or off, there’s a comfortable connection between the camera and my hands. The way I accomplished this is with a C-Loop. It’s a product that I’ve been using for over a year, so it’s one that worked on my DSLR and now on my mirrorless system. Check it out!

Here’s a link to the C-Loop page on the CSLR site:

About the Author:

After 20+ years in a computer tech job, Carol Schlintz is enjoying a second and more fulfilling career as a portrait and sports photographer in suburban Milwaukee. Like many of us, she has met with some personal challenges and is in need of reducing the physical strain from carrying heavy pro cameras and lenses around. Not one to take "no" for an answer, she jumped in with both feet and no safety net. As of April 2012 Carol has retired her big DSLR's and picked up a couple of small, light mirrorless cameras and is now using them on every shoot. Vlogging here on discovermirrorless, as well as sharing and swapping ideas with the other Hybrid Heroes (and the viewers!) is part of her process of evolving from a still photo only photographer into a photo+video+audio hybrid image maker. Count on Carol to share what works, what doesn't, and all the steps in becoming Milwaukees first hybrid photography studio that specializes in making and selling eProducts.

2 Comments on "Innovation #1 – What the Heck is a C-Loop?"

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  1. johngriggs says:

    Always enjoy your video’s Carol — but I’m only just starting to comment over here at DM.

    This is something I’m very glad you posted. I’ve used “sling straps” but they tend to be more than I want to use most of the time. The idea of using my quick disconnect standard strap AND this is great.

    I’m also glad you mentioned the one with the finger tab for tightening as I know I’ll forget the stinking allen wrench as some point.

    I shoot a lot of urbex stuff where the camera is either on a tripod or I remove it to prowl around with it handheld. This think looks like just the ticket for that and gives me some of the advantages of a sling strap.

    I’m a photographer “of a certain age” and I went mirrorless for the size and weight reduction when shooting abandoned sites. Sometimes the way in or out and even the conditions inside make a lighter pack not just less tiring but safer as well.

    I’m not a pro — just an amateur art photographer — but you guys and the crew at SCBP have really affected what and how I shoot and I’m grateful.

  2. Thanks John. Laughed when I read your comment about the “stinking allen wrench” – because I recognized me in it. Can’t tell you how many times…

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