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CONVO:CLICK: Are DSLRs Really Doomed?

Two of the photo industry’s most respected educators chat about how, when, why DSLRs will be replaced by mirrorless cameras in the recent future. When do you switch over? Why would you? Are these guys nuts?

Frederick Van Johnson from and Will Crockett from are both pro shooters, top photo educators, and they have recorded a recent convo that you get to hop in on.

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About the Author:

Will Crockett, commercial hybrid photographer, photo technology developer, and webTV personality is focused on learning how to master hybrid imaging. The skillful blend of photo+video+audio is clearly the future of photography, but how do we shoot and shape and share and sell these hybrid "eProducts"? Dunno, but with Will Crockett as the technical genius and unstoppable force behind this transition from shooting still photos into creating pictures with depth and dimension we will surely figure it out! : ) Will is an open, honest, bright guy that shares what he learns here on this website about hybrid, eProducts, mirrorless cameras, and all the wonderful software tools that allow us to make better, smarter images for share or the sell. For years, non-pro photographers and pros alike have seen Will's videos, gone to his fun live events, and learned how to be a smarter photographer. Take a look at Will's current (and classic) images at, his consulting work for clients big and small at, and the great info on hybrid eProducts and mirrorless cameras on, and of course his premium videos at Will is credited with the construction of the Lumix Luminary talent team, and the Fujifilm Elite Talent team, and is our "coach" of the Hybrid Heroes.

2 Comments on "CONVO:CLICK: Are DSLRs Really Doomed?"

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  1. spherico says:

    I found your site by chance — and I love it.

    My times as a pro photographer have ended many years ago, my times being a pro videographer (both film and digital) as well.
    But I am still involved in both of them. So I have to work somehow in both of the worlds.

    I enjoyed watching the conference call, but there was one little mistake (photographer won’t care) – some video cams can do raw at these times. So there is raw with video.

    I also like your approach not to use a flashlight with stills whenever possible.
    I made better photographs (maybe cause of my fantasy)with my stupid G2 then the pros with their DSLRs on several events. I know that, cause the agencies and the newspapers bought my photos rather than the “pro” photos.

    I hope to see a review of the Pana GH3 on your site soon. This camera will be a big game changer in your so called “hybrid” world.
    They try to enter to “pro video” editing world by supplying first time ever (regardless of DSLR or DSLM) a SMPTE timecode.
    What does it mean? Well, I saw that you obviously played around with Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. This app is not really accepted by pros, but found a lot of lovers in the community of both videographers and photographers with the ever growing usage of DSLRs. Current approaches to synch multiple cameras are either limited to timecode (which up to now wasn’t really supported by any hybrid-camera) or “sync by sound”. Latter does work quite often, but not all the time. Finally timecode is the only reliable match option — even if it is not the same on each cam.

    Also wifi control for these GH3 could be something very cool.

    -Andreas Kiel

  2. Hey Andreas! Thanks for the post. Regarding the RAW in video, you are right – there is RAW video but it is not a mainstream tool and the software to run it is not only expensive but it’s very complex as I expect you have seen. Too many photographers “rely” on RAW for creating stills with proper color and exposure and we need to let them know that will not work on video. They really need to learn to have control in the camera over the basics like focus, exposure, color settings, white balance and more. If not, the process of integrating video into their still photo world will be torture! : )
    The GH3, we cannot wait! But, we refuse to test shoot Beta cameras and as of today, there are no production versions available. We think it’s a waste of time making “preview” videos and our energy is much better spent on helping others bring hybrid imaging to life.

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