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Breakthru for Video Editing.

Most of our loyal readers know we adore ProShow WEB in all it’s flavors but never really clicked with ProShow PRODUCER as anything more than just the tool to make the autoediting eTemplates we make and sell.  It’s a great application for that but it’s not a replacement for anything like Final Cut or Premier […]

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GH4 Noise at 1600?

The Coach gives you a few T&T (Tips & Tricks) on preprocessing to help you spend less time in post! First rate pro shooter Frank Doninno asks Coach Crockett if what he’s seeing on family portraits at ISO1600 is noise and how best to handle it. Will Crockett disagrees with the notion that the GH3 […]

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Choosing Between DSLR and Mirrorless

If you were shooting primarily hybrid client jobs and delivering eProducts to customers would you use dSLR or a pro mirrorless – and which ones?Recently a handful of the Hybrid Heroes got together in Chicago to discuss how to become more profitable in hybrid photography and the topic of cameras came up. Joining in on […]

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Coaching, Creating, and Trimming Video Clips for eProducts

Suzette Allen has a great workflow for shooting Hybrid Photography. In this segment from her nearly hour long instructional video “Hybrid Profit Basics”, you see how she starts with her own vision of what the “moving photo” will look like then she coaches the subject on what to do – then shoots it. Next, she […]

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How to Start Shooting Video for Photographers

Hybrid photography is here and one of the world’s leading voices in how to add profitable hybrid “eProducts” to your still photo portrait business is Suzette Allen. In this segment of her first hybrid video available as a stream on or on DVD at, this gifted photographer shares how to get started shooting […]

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How to Setup Lumix GH3 Menu for Color, Aspect Ratio, Size and More.

Watch this segment on how to setup your Lumix GH3 menu for Color, Aspect Ratio, Size and More! This clip is from our popular “Insider’s Guide to the Lumix GH3 SuperFeatures”. To view the full video you can steream it on and also in DVD form at (coming sooon!).In this video you will […]

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How to Setup your GH3 for Recording Correct Scene Brightness

In this clip from “The Insider’s Guide to The Lumix GH3 / GH4′s SuperFeatures” has a little fun with the CREATIVE MODE and shows how yo set your GH3 ad GH4′s iDynamic menu to match your scene brightness. Coach of the Hybrid Heroes shows a great example set of images that shows what happens to […]

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Lumix GH4 test at Waterski Event

Pro waterski shooter Carol Schlintz, also a Hybrid Hero on, suggested that she was getting excellent results using the Lumix GH3 and GH4′s wth the long Lumix lenses including the 100-300mm and the 35-100mm … but with using the digital zoom menu item. In the GH3 and 4′s is the ability to use digital […]

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Product Review: GH3+GH4 Mount Plate Adapter

When you use the second battery grip on the GH3 for instance, the tripod mount socket moves waaaaay over to cause problems for we tripod users. Is there a cheap fix? Yep. Some dude named Ron sent one to Coach Crockett to test. Is it any good? Worth $25? Watch this video and see.

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Q: How important is the thickness of the diffusion in front of an LED

When we introduced the Light Smarter we had the intention of not only being able to provide Hybrid Photographers with solutions for controlling LED lighting but to also add to the creative aspect of lighting a subject. What happens when we step down the density of the diffusion? In this test four levels of diffusion […]

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