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How to Start Shooting Video for Photographers

Hybrid photography is here and one of the world’s leading voices in how to add profitable hybrid “eProducts” to your still photo portrait business is Suzette Allen. In this segment of her first hybrid video available as a stream on thePHOTOchannel.pro or on DVD at HybridHOUSE.pro, this gifted photographer shares how to get started shooting […]

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There is a great eProduct delivery tool and it’s MyeCard.pro. It’s a simple, elegant,  easy, and inexpensive tool that allows you to customize the viewing experience for your client! You simply upload a video file, choose the color you want for your background, and add your client’s information. That turns it into an eProduct which is delivered […]

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PROMO: New MyeCard.pro intro video from the Coach

As you know, the Coach here makes a lot of video content for other companies and some of those videos are kinda “endorsement” style like this one. Here’s the new intro video for the homepage of MyeCard.pro for Will’s buddy Dan Foster who has built a wonderful tool for all of us there at MyeCard.pro. […]

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PROMO: New Hybrid Model Comp Card Video coming soon

ThePHOTOchannel.pro is proud to announce that Hybrid Hero Joe Smithberger rocked the south side of the Windy City this past Sunday to shoot a new version of his “Talking” Model Comp Card in the ‘hood and we had the great pleasure of recording the day for an upcoming video to show others how to make […]

360 Home Tour on MyeCard.Pro

How are you delivering a 360 Home Tour to Realtors? Hybrid Hero, Jasmine Massions, tells you how she delivers it to the realtors she photographs for. Her preferred delivery platform is MyeCard.Pro where she gives the realtors a link to upload to the MLS. Jasmine customizes the url using the home address which is what […]

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How Easy Is It To Make eCards Using eTemplates?

Not only is the eCard creation easy when you use templates, but it frees you from additional post production video editing. Barry Staver describes his reasons for using eTemplates and shows you a few samples that he made using an eTemplate. In addition to their simplicity, the different versions within each eTemplate kit allow fine tuning […]

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Are Clients Buying eProducts and Museum Exhibition Grade Prints?

Hybrid Hero Patty Bradley has been busy these past few months helping Will Crockett set up Chicago Portrait, Chicago’s Premier Portrait Studio! Not only has she been busy helping with the new studio but she also helps to make up the brains behind some of the new eProducts being developed. There is no holding this woman […]

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Q: What’s a Good Microphone to Use for Talking Portraits

Hybrid Hero, Joe Smithberger discusses his current signal chain for capturing audio in his Video productions and Hybrid Photography work. Finding the right audio solution is the key to successful Hybrid Photography work as Joe has found in his latest eCardPRO with fellow cinema storyteller, Jamie Jansen. This exciting new card is one of the […]

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Q: What LED Panels are the Hybrid Heroes Recommending?

Life around Crocketville is never dull and to say the least April was a very busy month.   Not only did Will, Louie, Patty and our lovely Mya the pup move into a beautiful space up closer to the Loop in  downtown Chicago but also managed to create a large Hybid client (top secret), get to […]

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Q: How does Will’s Talking Portraits get that “Look”?

The Light Smarter was developed over months of research into building a great Hybrid Studio. We attract clients the same as we have always attracted clients. We do what we do better than clients can do themselves (DIY). Will did the homework. He went to National Photography Trade Shows with one purpose. That one purpose […]

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