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Scott Giorgini – Scott, the creator of, is a veteran of Radio and TV, having been involved in those industries for over 20 years. He got his start as a DJ in 1987 and was producing mix shows for radio by 1989. By the mid 1990s, he was producing radio commercials and shows, which later led to TV, where he was producing ads and shows on the local scene. In 2006, Scott started consulting for a TV Advertising Studio and got involved with every facet of production, from conceptual, to writing scripts, to directing, editing, graphic design, web marketing, to shooting (using HUGE studio camera rigs and DSLRs for b-roll and location shooting) and even hosting shows. Through his voracious study of mirrorless cameras, Scott also realizes that most of the technical advances in imaging were coming from the mirrorless category, and he wholeheartedly believes that mirrorless is the future of digital imaging.

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Sound Advice: The Secret Ingredient That Can Make or Break Your Hybrid eProduct

Hi Folks!  Scott Giorgini here.  I’m a Hybrid Hero who has decades of experience in radio and television production, and right now I’d like to focus on the Secret Ingredient that cam make or break your Hybrid eProducts. Question:  What is one of the most important, yet most overlooked, components of any Hybrid eProduct? As […]

Premium Profits from the Easy eCardPRO Hybrid eProduct

Here’s a little update on our latest Hybrid project, the eCardPRO Talking Business Card. In an era where just about everyone is carrying around a smartphone or tablet device, and everyone else is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc., we believe the eCardPRO will be the replacement for the traditional printed business card.  You know, the […]

MUST WATCH! Special Sneak Preview of Will Crockett’s Latest Video – The ABCs of LEDs

“If you’re not already using LEDs, you will be…” Looking to add an LED or two to your portrait lighting kit? Want to see the best way to get the best possible color from any LED?  Thinking about shooting TALKING portraits? Does the LED you have only give you so-so color?  Fixing color problems in your video […]

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Myth Busted: Do You Have To Use a Shutter Speed that’s 2x Framerate for Video? Not So Fast…

Boy oh boy do we get some great questions here on DiscoverMirrorless, and one of the latest questions tackles one of the biggest myths there is about shooting video. One of our readers named Mike asked about one of the common “rules” you hear floating around the interwebs.  You know, the one that says that […]

2012 Hybrid Photography Year In Review

2012 was an incredible year for mirrorless cameras and hybrid photography.  It was a year that saw the launch of several breakthrough cameras and lenses as well as serious advancements in sensor technology, lighting and innovations such as Wi-Fi.  The world of photography is changing, folks…  Hybrid isn’t just coming, it’s already here, and as […]

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How To Choose the Perfect Camera

Choosing a camera…  there’s a lot of shiny new gadgets out there to entice you, but what is it that you’re really looking for?  You have to realize  that the average camera body has a relevance lifespan of about 2 years before it’s replaced by the next generation of newer, better, brighter, shinier toys.  Just […]

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