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Food blogger Paula Thomas is carefully adding an element of motion and sound to her imaging to help describe the food experience she's so passionate about. Originally from Montana, this Olympus Pro team member now enlightens foodies of the Northwest from her home in the Seattle area with the critically acclaimed Gapey's Grub blog at Paula shares the steps involved in her transformation from a still photo only blog, to a hybrid imaging blog here on as well as with our friends at Not interested in the complicated video solution, Paula keeps it simple using only free or low cost tools for editing and assembly. Check out her vlog posts here to see how she choses to record photo, video, and audio files then blends them carefully into one spectacular file to present on her food blog. You can find Paula on social media at , Facebook and Twitter

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Tips for Shooting Sports Action Shots the Hybrid Way

I took a break from shooting food and went to my first motocross race. Most of the photo/video I do is on still life so this was something a little different. I had some challenges and learned a lot through the experience. Most know that mirrorless cameras still have a ways to go before they […]

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Kelvin – What? Why? How?

Kelvin is one of those things that I think a lot of photographers don’t really understand that well and I was one of them. I never really took the time to learn about it until recently when it became more important. If you’re a hybrid photographer using multiple LED panels this is important information. What […]

Focusing in Video Mode

Do you find focusing while shooting video challenging?  It’s one of the things I’ve struggled with over the past couple months, especially when using Lumix lenses on the OMD.  Firmware updates have helped some but it still seems more challenging than the Olympus lenses.  I tend to use manual focus quite often when shooting video […]

Using Video as a Background

Why not change up your hybrid photography video by using video as a background?  It works great for showing off products but would work for other applications too. Most hybrid videos you see are more like a slideshow of stills and videos with some music and fancy transitions between them. However for a restaurant eProduct, […]

Adding Video to Food Blogs

I’ve had a food blog for several years now and have never posted a video on it until now.  My first video blog post on Gapey’s Grub was done on smoked asparagus and panko crusted eggs, a recipe from the Herbivoracious cookbook. Watch as the smoke pours out of the pan when I lift the lid covering the […]

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How to Combine Audio and Music for Your Hybrid eProduct

I went to an event for foodies in Seattle called The Seattle Underground Market and ended up taking more videos than stills which is probably a first for me.  I talked a bit about the event and the hybrid eProduct I put together in a hangout with some of the other Hybrid Sheroes which you […]

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Carry Speed DS-SLIM Strap Review

If you’re a photographer, you have probably heard of Black Rapid Sling straps.  They aren’t the only ones that make sling straps though.  I want to tell you about the DS-SLIM sling strap by Carry Speed which was provided to me for review.  They have taken sling straps to a new level and have innovated […]

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This topic has been coming up a lot lately.  There was a Hybrid Hangout last week on this and if you haven’t watched it yet, you should.  In this vlog post I give my take on the subject as this has changed fairly recently for me. There is also a guest appearance by my cat, […]

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Adventures in Food Videography

I’ve been a food blogger for a few years now, blogging about everything from cookbook reviews, restaurant reviews and recipes.  I always use images in the posts to demonstrate steps in a recipe or to just show what the meal looks like to make my readers drool and want to make or have what I […]

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