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Q: How Do I Remove Audio Noise and Hiss From Videos in Post?

Audio is important, right? Weak audio, especially vocals, can really detract from an otherwise strong video. One of the most common offenders in audio clarity is noise, and I want to show you how to get rid of Noise by using audio editing techniques. There are any number of reasons you may still get some hiss and background noise, even with a quality audio set-up and proper microphone placement ; regardless of whether it is recorded externally or as in-camera. So how can you remove that noise? It’s actually pretty easy and fast: as long as you know how. In this video I am showing you two different ways to remove that audio noise: one by using Adobe Audition and the other by using the free Audacity audio editor.


What are you doing to combat audio issues? Let us know in the comments!


And keep checking back as we’ll be answering a lot more audio questions here on HybridPhoto.PRO.


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Hi! I'm Rob "Robby D" Domaschuk, a professional photographer and educator. Not only am I the guy behind Rob Domaschuk Photography and the podcast Polarizing Images but also one of the owners of the Chicagoland Digital Photography Meetup Group (one of the largest Meetup groups in the country). I've quickly taken hold of this new hybrid photography era and, drawing upon almost 15 years of corporate training experience, am now focusing on photo education efforts for both the amateur and professional photographers who are developing their skills in this new area of photography.

4 Comments on "Q: How Do I Remove Audio Noise and Hiss From Videos in Post?"

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  1. rdeaver says:

    Nice tip Robby. I have done a bunch of field recording, and love the simplicity and capability of Audacity, but if somebody already has Adobe CC then Audition is a no-brainer download.

    We have to learn to think of sound the way we already think of light. Outdoors, blocking extraneous noise by something as simple as making sure a building or group of trees/bushes is between you and the source. In studio, make sure you don’t have a big empty space that gives sound a chance to bounce around.

  2. Robby D. says:

    Thanks for the comment. You’re absolutely right and, if you look at an earlier video of mine about stabilization, you’ll definitely see/hear that I am still forgetting about ambient noise when shooting video.

    It’s funny – for my podcast (which I’ve done for over two years) I’ve created a high-quality audio set up with sound baffling, a condenser mic on a crane with a shock-mount, etc. But because I am still honing my video skills, I sometimes forget to triple-check where I am shooting in terms of background ambient sounds.

    Every day is a learning opportunity! Thanks again for the comment.

  3. DigitalJer says:

    Yeah, that was a good tip. I appreciate how you demonstrate the technique with software from two ends of the spectrum…thanks!

  4. Robby D. says:

    Thanks for the positive comment! I have a few other “how to” segments coming in the near future and I’ll show how to perform each task in both applications again. I’ll even try to remember to do a voice-over as I am doing it so it’s not as boring

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