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All of our advertisers on The Smarter Photo Network are “100% Crockett Approved”. What does this mean? It means that we do not do Affiliate advertising. All of our advertisers are here because they are products and services that Will Crockett personally uses and endorses in his studio or on-location shoots. And same quality is strictly adhered to by our vloggers. This is very important to us. Over the years our viewers have learned to TRUST Will Crockett and the products that he approves. Many of these brands have become photography mainstream products thru our advertising partnerships.

Hybrid Photography – the hybrid train as left the station and is rolling full steam ahead. We now offer the most creative brand advertising in the photo business and more opportunities are arising daily. We offer end to end solutions and are very clear that you product or service MUST fit into our message.

Unique Opportunities

Bumper Advertising

Did you know that YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world? This is why The Smarter Photo Network offers you Bumper Advertising on our vlogger’s videos posted on our YouTube channel. As an advertising opportunity, you get to ride the “viral” phenomenon  and still only commit to your cap max budget. This is great news for you! As an example: please Google “mefoto tripod audition” and you will see over 80,000 results in all languages all over the world. This does not show click-thrus, pay-per-clicks or any other “old school” advertising. This is branding that results into sales….it’s that simple. Call us to get your bumper ads running asap with the super-talented Hybrid Hero team!

Website Advertising

 With over 120,000 email subscribers and and our premier website DiscoverMirrorless, our site ads offer maximum cross-platform capabilities to reach consumers on all screen devices. Word level key wording maximizes relevancy and results. Proven performance delivers maximum branding across all demographics. This is advertising that works. Feel free to call us if you feel that your product is a perfect fit for The Smarter Photo Network.

For a solution that works for you, call

Cindy Conner
Editor/Marketing Associate
The Smarter Photo Network
Phone: 814-797-2496, Cell: 636-295-6654





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