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Who? When? What the heck is ?: )

What happens when photo innovator Will Crockett collaborates with other photographers and photo educators to realize that the photography industry is changing.  Technology is going to change the way that we create, view and share portraits and images with our family and friends.  We have smartTVs, smartPhones, Notebooks, Tablets, iPads, iPhones and…well you already know this. But, what you may not know is that we have to change the way we shoot, print, and sell photography products that will soon be digital products we call “eProducts., formerly known as, is here to show you how.

Will Crockett is an odd duck.  His photography skills run deep from the years of shooting commercial and advertising images for all kinds of big fancy companies using large and medium format cameras (remember those?) coupled with transparency films and piles of fine-edged lighting. From movie star portraits to factory interiors, Will was quick with a laugh and had a way to make clients happy with his camera.

Once the internet came along, Will and his crew used it to share all kinds of info on the intricate details on how he used a wide variety of tools to produce the photos he was known for.Originally started back in the 90′s as, his website added the writing talents of a bright little blonde gal from Alaska who understood how to make Photoshop behave named Suzette Allen and readership soared from 3000 readers each month to over 15,000. As Will toured the US and beyond on various speaking tours he met other like-minded educators that were not afraid to share what they new and invited them to share their work. was born and has grown up to over 25,000 readers per month.

Fast forward to today and our newest site,, which is already soaring to the top and you’ll soon see why.  This site is ALL video vlog posts. They are created by real hybrid photographers to help and inspire others to make better photos, videos, slideshows and profits with their cameras and picturing.  No hidden agendas, no bickering, no complaining – just helping you transform into a hybrid photographer that makes profitable eProducts.
When you are ready for some more detailed info, hop on over to our view on demand video store and see the worlds best quality hybrid photo info at  How do we know it’s the best?  Well, Will Crockett pretty much invented all this Hybrid Photo stuff.  No kidding.  He’s the brains behind the Panasonic Lumix Luminary talent team, helped to develop the Lumix GH3 camera, and is credited with defining the terms “Hybrid”, “eProduct”. “eTemplate” and about six thousand more titles that zip around the globe daily.

Our staff are posted and please take the time to get to know them, but it’s the rest of the team that carries the weight of making it such a success. Cindy Conner is a hybrid photographer and manages the editing, web design and customer service,  Dave Flores is the amazing video production supervisor, and Louie Malagon handles the day to day photo assisting work for Will’

So there you have it.  is filling the frames with memories that move! :  )

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