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A Note of Thanks from the First Hybrid Hangout Weekend

We had such a great time at the Hybrid Hangout Weekend at Paul’s Photo in Torrance, CA. It would not have been possible without the support of all of our sponsors and I wanted to take a few moments and thank our Gold Sponsors.

Videophobia? 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fears

When I started my Hybrid Photography practice, I admit that I was afraid. It wasn’t so much about getting bad video (that came later, lol) but of missing “the shot”. I have 5 tips to share with you on overcoming the fear. There are many more, but these 5 should get you started.

Tips for Shooting Sports Action Shots the Hybrid Way

I took a break from shooting food and went to my first motocross race. Most of the photo/video I do is on still life so this was something a little different. I had some challenges and learned a lot through the experience. Most know that mirrorless cameras still have a ways to go before they […]

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Will Crockett Announces the New Line of HybridPRO Modifiers from Larson

One of the premium brands in professional light modifiers is Larson Enterprises. They are a small, Florida-based shop that produces some of the finest light modifiers and light shaping tools you can buy.   Recently, Larson called on me to help the Larson engineers in developing a series of soft boxes that can shape LED, […]

Focus Tips Using the Fuji X Series

I am a portrait and wedding photographer from Ladera Ranch, CA. Today I want to share tips, tricks and insights on to how I make my Fuji X Series camera focus better. What are my preferences for using the 3 focus modes? See where I like my focus points for better video.

Photogenic Ion Inverter Review

Does it work well? How long does it last? Is it worth the $400?  Is it too complicated to use? As most of you already know, I have tested, even developed numerous products for major photo product makers.  As I move my own commercial photo biz from selling still images only into hybrid photo+video+audio images, […]

Hybrid Photography Made Simple

In this video I leave the tripod, lights and microphone at home so I can concentrate on the creative side of making hybrid videos using a small Lumix LX7 point and shoot camera. Mark Toal works for Panasonic as a training representative in Portland, Oregon. His views on this blog are his own and do […]

Latest Hybrid Session with Suzette Allen

Hi everyone, Suzette Allen here. Just so excited with my latest hybrid session I wanted to share with everyone. This is not what I started to make, but it just happened, kind of a happy accident that was inspired by the music. The longest video clip is only 3 seconds. The close up head shots […]

When Does a Pro Know to Move to Mirrorless from DSLR?

My legendary portrait photo buddy and educator RICK FERRO and I have been friends for many years and help each other out in our work. Rick is starting to see his client base in Florida change and asking about eProducts of family portraits and high quality kids portraits.  Rick, also being the head of wedding […]

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How To Sync External Audio With Video

I received a great question here on Discovermirrorless after my last video about the setup I am using to record external audio for my videos. Kent asked how I actually sync the video along with the audio track. I wrote an explanation but, let’s face it, we’re photographers and we learn far better with a more […]

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