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Dear Larson Softboxes…An Idea From a Fan

Dear Larson Softboxes.  I need help! I have pieced together a few light modifiers for my LEDs to use to make kinda high quality “talking portraits” like this video. I finally have the light quality where I want it, now I need to take it on the road. Can you help make a set of […]

Event Photos: Use LED or Flash?

Us hybrid photographers are all gung ho about LED lights so that we can shoot stills and video at the same time. But what I’ve found is that the LED mounted on the camera doesn’t provide the best experience for the person being photographed. People squint and children run and hide when they see me […]

The Shotgun Mic from Panasonic

I feel like a broken record about being new to video and audio. And that’s just what I am. New, neophyte and inexperienced in getting the best of either – and learning really fast what works and what doesn’t. The new mic by Panasonic, developed for the GH3, is really awesome. It’s a shotgun mic […]

Portrait Lighting Video with Bobbi Lane

Nothing beats good quality lighting skills. I like to raise the bar in my ability to produce high quality Talking Portrait video files like this one – no corrections needed in post. But what’s the secret to shooting talking portraits at this level with any pro DSLR or mirrorless? Lighting skills. Yep, lighting.   One […]

Photo “flavor” for video is easier than you think. Talking Portraiture with Style.

Your portraiture has it’s own lighting style, signature color look, and overall flavor that’s all yours. You may have taken years to perfect it. Now that you are preparing for shooting “Talking Portraits” using video mode, your look needs to go with you! In this vlog post I want to show you how to use […]

Add Interest to Your Video with Short Clips

In this vlog I’m talking about trimming, transitions and how to make your video more dynamic and interesting using small video clips. In principal, you break down your video in small sections and alternate them in the timeline to create a more interesting way to watch several stories. This adds interest to the video with […]

Innovation #1 – What the Heck is a C-Loop?

Let me tell you it’s the coolest little gadget for making a camera on a strap behave! I’ve always been uncomfortable with a camera strap around my neck. And when I take it off to shoot (really don’t like it while shooting) the straps were uncomfortable between my hand and the camera and worse yet, […]

Talking Portrait Lighting Using a SPLIT GEL FILL for Warm Skin Tone and Neutral White Shirts Too.

Talking Portraiture lighting for executives can be tricky, but the simple and powerful Split Gel Fill tip that I use keeps a white business shirt white and yet still leaves my signature “warm” skin tone look on the face. Does it mean some wacky post processing trick to the huge video files?  Some sort of […]

The One Light Talking Portrait

The classic “One Light Portrait” technique offers some advantages for still photographers transitioning to Hybrid Photography. By eliminating the variables introduced by multiple light sources, the photographer can more easily control color and white balance. In this video I want to demonstrate what you need and how to go about making great studio portraits with […]

Balancing LEDs and Roomlight – 9 Lights in One Shot.

Hey all, Crockett here.  I wanted to share a video shot with you to show how we are blending LEDs with other lights on a set.  This opening shot for my new video was done with an LED in a softbox for the main, an LED on a lightstand for the fill, halogen tracklights (special […]

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