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Discovering Frame Rate, Transfer Rate and Resolution Options on the GH3

The last (4 of 4) in this series on the mechanics of shooting video. Having discussed video concepts via the GH3′s menu, explored the 3 video modes/file types, and identifying the shooting methods (automated vs manual) in the first 3 segments, the last stretch of this journey is about the options available within each recording […]

Hybrid Photography: Street Portraits

Street photography is a fun way to shoot and share the environment around you. Taking your camera with you everywhere you go is a great idea since you’ll never know what or who you’ll find. Since I specialize in portraits I love to capture people in my street photography. Miami being my home, I’m always […]

Re-Testing the Lumix 100-300mm Zoom

A few months ago, a tribe of posters on one of the big photo forums made it clear that my opinion on the Lumix 100-300mm zoom was wrong. Ha!  Dunno how an opinion can be wrong, but I’m always open to ideas and when I met up for coffee with my friend Scott Bourne I […]

How to Make an HDR Picture From Just One Image

I try to bring an artistic feeling to my photography and in each picture I strive to translate what is in my mind and my spirit, to tell a story through the image. For this post, I chose a picture from a trip I took to Marrakesh last year.   As I had never been to Africa before, this was a […]

Myth Busted: Do You Have To Use a Shutter Speed that’s 2x Framerate for Video? Not So Fast…

Boy oh boy do we get some great questions here on DiscoverMirrorless, and one of the latest questions tackles one of the biggest myths there is about shooting video. One of our readers named Mike asked about one of the common “rules” you hear floating around the interwebs.  You know, the one that says that […]

Shooting Video: Manual or Automated Movie Modes Explained

There are 3 ways to shoot video on the GH3 (and GH2, G5, probably others). The first is iA which is the most automated, next is P-S-A-M, which is somewhat automated and third is Manual Movie Mode. The first 2 use the “red” button and the third uses the shutter release. We explore the ramifications […]

What Is a Mirrorless Camera?

This video blog post explains the basics of mirrorless cameras, and it’s meant for beginners and people who don’t know how they differ from dSLR cameras. My students asked me recently: What’s the difference between dSLR and mirrorless cameras? In simple terms a dSLR has a mirror and a mirrorless camera doesn’t. But why is […]

Adding Video to Food Blogs

I’ve had a food blog for several years now and have never posted a video on it until now.  My first video blog post on Gapey’s Grub was done on smoked asparagus and panko crusted eggs, a recipe from the Herbivoracious cookbook. Watch as the smoke pours out of the pan when I lift the lid covering the […]

Using Pocket Wizard with Mirrorless Cameras

As photographers, we often need to wirelessly trigger studio flash and battery powered portable flash from our mirrorless cameras.  When we need only manual exposure flash, like studio strobes, basic Pocket Wizards work like a charm and behave just like they do on our pro DSLRs.  But wireless TTL flash?  Different story… ~Wiresless flash~Pocket Wizard~Qflash […]

Hollywood Lighting and Posing
By March 21, 2013 1 Comments Read More →

Hollywood Lighting and Posing

We all know that Hollywood lighting and posing evolved about 1920. It was then that photographers started to experiment with lighting, textures, and posing.  Deep shadows were the norm and so was heavy contrast in every image. As I look at some of the old books, I identify what I learned from my mentors. It’s […]

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