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How to Color Match Still Shots and Video Clips Using Lightroom 4

This video tutorial explains how to color correct video clips and still images to create hybrid eproducts and slide shows.

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Manfrotto 84-LED Light

Jessica Wallach and Carol Schlintz meet every week for an hour to talk all things photography. We found ourselves discussing new lights that we both have and decided to record the conversation so that you could eavesdrop. This is not rehearsed (as you will see), but a real conversation that we were having to share […]

ISO Noise Comparison: Lumix GH3 and Canon 5D Mk2

Hey there it’s Marlene Hielema and in this blog post I’m going to be comparing the ISO of a half frame mirrorless camera to a full frame dSLR. I’m really fussy when it comes to sensor noise I’m doing this comparison because I’ve recently switched to using a Panasonic Lumix GH3 mirrorless camera in my […]

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Season’s Greetings

Season’s Greetings! We are so fortunate at and to have the most talented photographers and educators in the photo business donating their time and talents to make all of us better photographers. If you have not had time to get to know our writers, now is the time! Be sure to keep in […]

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Behind the Scenes: Creating a Hybrid eProduct for a Paying Commercial Client

In this Video, We’ll peel back the curtain to show you some of the tools and techniques that we use to create Hybrid eProducts for commercial clients. Product photography is moving hybrid too.  In the video above, we’re making a cool hybrid eProduct for a commercial client (Quantum) to use in their trade show booths […]

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Custom White Balance – This Tip Can Be a Lifesaver!

This great idea comes to us courtesy of Hybrid Hero Chuck Jones.  Chuck uses two of the four custom white balance “pre set” slots to store a “Sunny” balance and a “Cloudy” balance as custom settings. That way, on a “mixed up” day when you can’t set a new white balance every few minutes, you […]

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“What Inspires you?” with Carol Schlintz – Hybrid photographer Rob Domaschuk sits down with Carol Schlintz from and talks with her about what inspires her. Listen as Carol talks about how her new, lighter mirrorless camera makes it easier and more enjoyable to grab her camera and shoot. And when it’s fun to shoot, you’ll find stuff to inspire […]

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“What Inspires You?” with Jessica Wallach - Another in the “What Inspires You” series, listen to Rob and fellow photographer Jessica Wallach as Jessica tells Rob about everything that inspires her. Listen to the both of them talk about creating order out of chaos and how the sound of crying can be just as inspirational as laughter.

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Real Life REVIEW: Rechargeable Batteries That WORK for Photographers

Save REAL money, save the planet, and get more performance out of your battery-powered photo tools using better batteries. Will Crockett has completed a long test on rechargeable batteries and has a simple system for the smarter photographer.SEE CURRENT MODELS AND PRICING FROM A TRUSTED RESOURCE HERE.

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Hybrid Hangout – sHeroes Only: Let’s Talk Hybrid eProducts

All 7 of the sHeroes on the DiscoverMirrorless Hybrid Heroes team came together Tuesday night to talk about their favorite Hybrid eProducts. So much variety, so many ideas, all packed into about a half an hour. Join us to hear what’s hot and a little about how we make our Hybrid eProducts. You’ll get ideas […]

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