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Optimizing the Jpeg Settings on the Olympus OM-D E-M5

Optimizing OMD Jpeg Settings – the Olympus OMD EM5 is one of the hottest mirrorless hybrid cameras to come along in a long time. While the OMD renders some of the best JPEGS available today this video will help you further unlock the potential of this camera.

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How To Edit Your Video Clips in Lightroom

Use Lightroom to trim your video clips. It’s fast and easy. Need more than one clip from a single video file, just press Ctrl/Cmd + ‘ (apostrophe) to make a virtual copy and trim out your additional clip. To see Jasmine’s entire show, go to: For more great info, go to Music for […]

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How To Choose the Perfect Camera

Choosing a camera…  there’s a lot of shiny new gadgets out there to entice you, but what is it that you’re really looking for?  You have to realize  that the average camera body has a relevance lifespan of about 2 years before it’s replaced by the next generation of newer, better, brighter, shinier toys.  Just […]

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Thinking of Switching to Mirrorless? Just Do It!

This post is aimed at those who want to go mirrorless but can’t get past the fear. Mirrorless cameras are – cameras! You’ve got the skills and knowledge, and together with your DSLR you’re making fantastic images. So, pick up a mirrorless camera, apply your skills and shoot. Once you see the quality of the […]

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Hybrid Photography – What You See Is What You Get!

One of the things I love about hybrid photography is that what you see is what you get. The ability to see what the photo or video is going to look like before you capture is a powerful tool to unlock your creative potential. Once you understand how easy and straightforward it is to shoot […]

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Creating a Hybrid eProduct Using ProShow Web

I also write for Small Camera Big Picture, and this piece on my Hybrid eProduct workflow is appropriate here as well. My workflow is a “work in progress” because I’m daily discovering new products (ScreenFlow for example) and new ways to use familiar products (for example, Lightroom as video organizer and editor). Expect to see […]

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Moving to Hybrid – Timing Mindset

Suzette going Hybrid- new mindset.

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How To Use Lightroom 4 as a Video Editor – Yes, Really!

No way Lightroom can be my video editor! It’s great for organizing my still images and allowing me to make corrections to them, but not editing my video too! That would be way too convenient. Take a look as Lynette Kent gives me the news that, while limited, Lightroom can do some video tasks, and […]

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Screenflow: Editing Made Easy

Everybody is looking for an easy to use video editor and I think Screenflow is a great start! This software has all of the tools you’ll need to get most edits knocked out with ease.  Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling. Stay tuned for more tips coming soon!

Video: How to be engaging in front of the camera

So you’ve got your orders – make videos and create eProducts. But let’s add another dimension to your video productions: Getting you in front of the camera! Easier said than done. I know! Like many photographers, I’m an introvert — a total wallflower-at-parties introvert. You wouldn’t suspect that from watching this video though, would you? […]

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